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Which are The Best Study Materials for NEET?


NEET, or the abbreviated form of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is a very important test for the aspirants of Medical students. It has a very steep competition as nearly 13 lakh students appeared this year for 60000-odd seats. To successfully get through this exam, you need the best NEET study materials that are available in the market. There are many offline and online study materials that may be helpful for your preparation in NEET exam, but you should consult the best book to clear all your doubts in order to ace the exams.

Now basically, NEET is a three hour long exam with 180 questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You need to be accurate with all your answers as the exam has provision for negative marks for each incorrect answer. The total marks carried in the question paper is 720, and each correct answer will fetch you 4 marks. As per the exam brochure released by NTA or National Testing Agency, the aspirants need to have knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Class 11 and Class 12, as prepared by CBSE or NCERT books.

Best Study Materials for NEET-Physics

As per the observations of a number of NEET aspirants, Physics is the subject in NEET where you need to keep your calm and read the questions again and again to give the correct answer. The theoretical part is much easier than the numerical ones. Nearly all of the books of Higher Secondary levels are in tune with NCERT syllabus, so you need not buy separate books for preparation. Some of the Best study materials for Physics are Concepts of Physics by HC Verma, Objective of Physics for Medical Entrance Examination by DC Pandey and Physics MCQ by D Mukherjee.

Best Study Materials for NEET- Chemistry

The three sections of Chemistry, namely Organic, Inorganic and Physical should be prepared for NEET by the aspirants. You also need to study the Mole Concepts of Physic in order to create a basic understanding of Chemistry. You should also know the Periodic Table by heart and also concepts of Organic Chemistry like Acidity and Basicity. Try to balance between the theoretical and numerical part here too. For study materials, you can refer to Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon, Oxford’s Inorganic Chemistry and Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.

Best Study Materials for NEET- Biology

Biology contains half the marks in NEET question papers. So you need to give the maximum focus on this subject. This subject is the major factor for qualifying the NEET. The books mentioned here include all the basic principles and fundamental concepts of Biology. You can refer to GR Bathla’s Objective Biology, or A Class Book for Botany by AC Dutta or Trueman’s Objective Biology for preparation.

IIB, The best place for NEET Coaching

Ideal Institute of Biology, a reputed Coaching center for NEET exams, is the best place for you if you are considering enrolling yourself in tuition for preparation. The students and the parents believe that this is the Best Coaching for NEET, considering their success over the years. A huge number of ex-students are now successful as medical professionals, and more students are enrolling here through the year.

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What are the strategies Followed for NEET preparation in Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB)?

Introduction about IIB:

Ideal Institute of Biology is a reputed name since 20 years for the NEET Aspirants of Maharashtra. Its name is so big that students from every corner come here to attend the classes. Started in the year 1999, it has an impressive track record and has 15000 ex students who are successful in various medical professions. It is a trusted name for coaching of NEET, which is a national level Medical Entrance Test for various Medical Colleges. The preparation for NEET exam needs huge amount of dedication from the students and they need to be accurate in all subjects. Adjudged as the Best Medical Coaching in India, IIB follows some strategies for the success of the students.

All About NEET Exams

NEET exam comprises of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and is a three hour long exam of 720 marks, with the candidates expected to answer 180 questions. A correct answer will fetch 4 marks, while an incorrect answer means deduction of 1 mark. For preparation of Physics, extensive coverage of all the chapters with modules and notes are given to the students. The students are always advised to read books certified by the NCERT. The students are also made to practice from various question banks available in the market, in order to make their conceptions clear.

The Chemistry portion covers physical, organic and inorganic part. For preparation, all the questions from previous year’s question banks are practiced. Every part is given equal importance as this part is highly scoring. For Biology, the students are not only made to prepare the basic concepts but the details of each chapter as it is very much important. Accurate Diagrams of certain tests and cells are also shown to the students who practice on them afterwards.

What Are Our Strategies For Preparation of NEET?

We wish absolute success for every student from each of our batch, so we conduct regular classes in our Institute. The students study on our well curated study materials and we give regular home assignments, model papers and conduct online tests in regular succession for easy understanding and quick revision of the students. We generally conduct fortnightly tests to evaluate the potential of our students. This will make them ready for any Pan Indian competitive Examination. If you are not even a student of our regular class, you can also appear for our mock tests to check your preparation if you wish to appear for NEET/AIIMS Entrance Exams.

Join IIB Today:

IIB conducts regular NEET Classes in Nanded and in Latur.  If you are not from either of the two cities and cannot afford daily regular classes, then don’t worry. We also offer distance coaching course. Not only from Maharashtra, students from all over India have enrolled in our distance education mode. You can also learn our at online coaching module, where you can get access to study materials and also get tips from our experts.

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The Best Name For NEET Coaching in Maharashtra

Introduction about IIB

Are you a medical aspirant who is also pursuing school studies? Does your place have ample coaching centres for preparation of NEET? Then do not worry at all. There are a number of NEET Coaching Institutes in India where you can train for the best. NEET is a medical entrance test which evaluates the students who wish to pursue a career in the medical profession. It consists of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is constituted of 720 marks. For each correct answer you get 4 marks, but an incorrect answer means 1 mark deduction.

What Happens at the coaching Centres?

The centres teach unique learning methods and techniques to our students who employ it on their examinations. They have a focus to train medical aspirants with the best and experienced lot in the field. Sitting for an exam like AIIMS, NEET or JIPMER takes heavy toll on students and the centrestry to reduce the pressure and make the curriculum interesting and concise to our students. One of the secret behind high rate of successful aspirants from the institutes is they employ result oriented instructions.

Techniques For Study

The simple learning techniques encourage the students to prepare for a topic in a very less time. This has helped many students to pass with flying colours and study in some of the renowned medical colleges of India. They observe the trends and types of questions in previous years question paper of various medical entrance exams, and try to understand the various levels that are present. Many of the centres have an experience for over 20 years, their knowledge and instinct are key to our students, who pass out the exams without any problem.

Courses for Offer

Local students prepare in the regular NEET Classes in Nanded and Latur. The most experienced trainers train them for the steep competitive exams and make them easy for them. They conduct different batches in different times, and many students enroll for other competitive exams as well. Also they conduct regular fortnightly tests in order to evaluate the potentials that are there in our students. If you are not a student of the two cities, then no problem, you can always follow online courses for NEET exam and also distance education module. You can attempt the online series of tests and evaluate yourself by attending exams from home.

The Best NEET Coaching Centre

Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) is a leading name as the best NEET Coaching in Maharashtra. It has an experience of 20 years and has 15000 ex students working in the medical fields today. They have curated study materials, successive test series and best of the model papers which have made them the name for Best Medical Coaching in India. If you cannot attend the regular classes, then you can always attend the online course and the distance learning course where you will have access to exclusive study materials and can attempt regular online exams.

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NEET UG Offline Test Series

Ongoing testing and self-assessment is the ideal method to improve your planning for NEET. There are many competitive offline NEET test series available; with good Offline Test Series bundle, you can rehearse critical thinking aptitudes and build up the correct test procedure. With this arrangement, you can even comprehend what topics need more consideration. For best outcome, generously endeavour the Mock Tests under genuine test condition and experience execution investigation.

Why offline NEET test series are important for main entrance exam?

Broader view :

Clearing the entrance tests for any expert course is basic requirement for the present scenario. Going through these type of offline test series can be considered as initial step towards clearing the entrance exams for NEET or likewise career options. Your position and score accomplished can be a marker of your presentation in the real fundamental assessment. Another vital point that you must acknowledge is that you can take up the questions in these test series if you have through knowledge of each topic and subject. The sure way to succeed these test series and ultimately the actual examination is revisions and through study of the syllabus that is covered in classrooms. Regardless of whether you may feel disheartened at specific times your consistent and enduring readiness will yield positive outcomes.

Key factors in preparing for test series :

One of the essential strides for progress is that you should experience being sure and positive. The soul and excitement that you have ought to consistently be high so as to stand up to difficulties strongly. Your contemplations ought to persuade and reinforce you during your preparing period for important entrance test.

At the point when you unravel the test papers, you ought to keep up being cool and quiet. Exam isn’t just testing WHAT YOU HAVE LEARN, yet additionally testing your nervousness.

Time awareness is critical to you while getting ready for any test series and at the hour of composing the assessment. You should have the option to build up a propensity for endeavouring a few mock test papers by arranging your time productively. Exactness and speed in understanding the questioner will be significantly helpful. Attempt to finish the test paper five to ten minutes prior and audit your answers cautiously.

It is extremely important for you to look out the question paper appropriately and smoothly before solving it. It is normally assumed that if the appropriate answers are begun well in initial time, the closure additionally will be comparative. On the off chance that you feel not certain about the right answer of any question, it is better not to opt.

For this matter if your inspiration and endeavours are 100%, the outcome will likewise be comparable. Since there is no option for diligent work, your staunch and solid energy to pick up progress will shimmer the ability that exists in you. With these resolute positive musings, it won’t be extremely hard for you to unravel the test arrangement to achieve your objective.

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Best coaching institute for Medical UG Entrance

NEET, being one of the most competitive examinations in India, is a hard row to hoe. So if you are a NEET aspirant, then you need to acknowledge the fact that you should have a strong foundation of the concepts and the theories to pass it with flying colors.

Therefore you need expert guidance to have a clear conceptualization of your entire syllabus. To aid you in your studies, opt for the Best Medical Coaching in IndiaIdeal Institute of Biology IIB that has given wings to the dream of more than 10000+ students.

We believe cracking the examination is a collective effort of student and teacher and correct guidance and mentorship to an aspirant can change his life. With more than 20 years of experience, Ideal Institute of Biology has emerged as a leading coaching institute for medical UG entrance examinations. Master guidance with customized study material for the students has made IIB the first choice of the NEET and medical UG entrance exam aspirants.

Expert guidance under one roof

Ideal Institute of Biology has proficient teaching faculty who are ever ready to go the extra mile for the aspirants. The comprehensive and the complexity of the examination course often tense the aspirants for revision and the practice, but here at IIB, your academics will be taken care of by us. Complete study material, including study notes of all the important topics, will help in better understanding of your concepts and quick revision. In case you are unable to understand anything, you can raise your query or question in the class discussion, which will be addressed by the respective faculty right there only. You can access the step by step solution of problems, and you can even approach your subject faculty to elaborate the answer in the class.

NEET 2020 exam Pattern and marking

  • Mode of examination is offline
  • 180 objective questions of 720 marks
  • 4 marks for every correct answer
  • 1 mark as negative marking
  • Time duration – 3 hours
Subjects Number of Questions Marks
Physics 45 Questions 180 marks
Chemistry 45 Questions 180 marks
Biology 90 Questions 360 marks

Learn today Perform tomorrow

It is crucial to practice consistently for your examination to get used to the pattern and the kind of questions that you might encounter. Therefore, at IIB, you will be preparing through mock tests, All India Test Series, and examination series exclusively designed as per the NEET examination pattern. The performance report of these test series and mock tests will be revealed to you to give you the idea where you lack. The report card will show you where you need to work and your weak points which you need to cover up.

Enroll yourself in Ideal Institute of Biology the Best Medical Coaching in India and be the captain of your journey from a NEET aspirant to a doctor. Your one decision can change your tomorrow, so don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Choose wisely
Choose the best
Choose IIB

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More than 10000+ student’s dream of MBBS has accomplished with Ideal Institute of Biology

Yes! You read it right.

MORE THAN 10000+ STUDENTS are now living their dream life. The decision to opt for the Best Medical Coaching in India gave their dreams the wings to fly high in the sky.

Ideal Institute of Biology proudly flaunts the statistics of the students who have passed with the flying colors. 10000+ students and still counting, we at Ideal Institute of Biology have a unique teaching pattern that sets us apart from other coaching institutes. IIB is now the first choice of NEET and medical UG exam aspirants for its quality teaching and result-driven practices.

Ideal Institute of Biology is the Best Medical Coaching in India for NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER. National Eligibility Entrance Test, also known as NEET, is one of the most competitive examinations in India and conducted by the National Testing Agency, also known as NTA. While All India Institute of Medical Sciences abbreviated as AIIMS conducts MBBS Entrance Exam for admission to the MBBS course and JIPMER is an MBBS Entrance Exam that is conducted by Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER) for admission to MBBS course. Cracking NEET, AIIMS MBBS, and JIPMER MBBS entrance exam is not a small feat. Being a national level exam, an aspirant needs to have expert guidance and direction that could channelize his energy and intensify his foundation for the exams. We at Ideal Institute of Biology have been observing the exam patterns and have more than 20 years of experience in this line, which allows us to mentor the aspiring talent for their dreams.

With increasing competition and standard of examination, the aspirant should focus on clearing the concepts and then practicing it in the examination pattern to crack them. Our proficient teaching staff gives students detailed but concise notes and study material, which helps them in quick revision and easy understanding of the facts followed by the mock tests session.

The crucial topics for a quick revision along with the step by step solution of the question will enable you for a better understanding of concepts. The mock tests by our experts will let you know the actual status of your performance and knowing your weak topics. Our All India Test series is designed as per the NEET exam pattern for the NEET aspirants. These test series and mock tests will give you the real-time status of your performance of your answers. IIB has a complete study environment that is the best fit for the students. Daily class discussion enables students to ask any questions and queries which help in answering mutual queries.

Cracking the examination is a collective effort of both the aspirant and our institute. Therefore, we at Ideal Institute of Biology, target at 100% results along with our expert faculty who are ever ready to help you. Consistency, hard work, and dedicated self-study under the guidance of esteemed faculty is the only gateway to success.

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Step by step instructions to Prepare for NEET Biology

Medical UG applicants beginning their NEET Biology Preparation must know about every one of the tips and points that help them to accomplish the most desirable outcomes. Applicants must begin their planning for NEET Biology since Class 11 as the syllabus has equivalent proportion of questionnaires from 11th and 12th. All the aspirants who wonder about how to get ready for NEET Biology they must know about the best Medical Coaching in India, NEET Classes in Nanded is surely one of them. This article will give information and important tips about NEET preparation especially in BIOLOGY. Biology segment in the NEET question paper offers includes 90 questions offering a sum of 360 imprints.

The most effective method to Prepare for NEET Biology –

Preparation Strategies

Strategy 1. Know and bifurcate the syllabus:

Candidates getting ready for NEET Biology must be knowing that the Biology section is big and requires profound comprehension. The Biology bit involves 38 chapters from the educational program of Class 11th and 12thconsolidated. It is vital for aspirants to separate the schedule into small portions so as to get ready for NEET Biology and furthermore know about the significant subjects with the goal that the hour of study could be dedicated appropriately.

If we consider the weightage and recurring questions throug the years, the significant topics for planning of NEET Biology can be summed up as:

  • Hereditary qualities and Evolution
  • Physiology – Plant and Human
  • Reproductive properties in Plants and Human
  • Ecology
  • Variety in Living Organisms
  • Structured Organization in Living Organisms
  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Biotechnology

Strategy 2. Planning of Study Schedule

A compelling arrangement of study goes up to the mark particularly with regards to getting ready for NEET Biology keeping the whole prospectus in context. The division of time for each section of NEET syllabus should be in line with how important the topic is. Though one should also be open and prepared for changes if needed as they go ahead.

Strategy 3. Picking NEET Biology Books

This viewpoint is the most significant for NEET Biology planning. The nature of assets that one uses for arrangement is reflected in the score. In the assessment of numerous toppers and specialists, the NCERT should shape the base of one’s comprehension of ideas. Furthermore there are many vital books for which NEET coaching class can guide in through manner.

Strategy 4. Configuration tables and outlines

Summarize your examination as graphs and tables that will go about as a speedy correction technique going before the test days. Using individual catchphrases that will empower to recall would demonstrate to be the most helpful. Attempt and incorporate significant applications and models in these graphs.

Strategy 5. Practice truly

Aspirants getting ready Biology for NEET 2020 must build up the propensity for exceptional practice. Comprehension of ideas in the hypothesis must be actualized through training. Various NEET test papers and earlier year question papers ought to be settled to procure a thought regarding the example of inquiries that will be posed.

Strategy 6. Mock tests taking

National Testing Agency is to set up training focuses the nation over in different places with the goal that applicants can work on stepping through online examinations. Aspirants should, consequently, take up however many counterfeit tests to improve their planning for NEET Biology.

7. Revision on Regular basis

To receive the correct rewards of study and practise one should continue revisions periodically. This guarantees whatever has been practised remains crisp in the memory. Applicants should make it a point to re-examine the whole schedule a few times before the tests in order to be comprehensive with every idea incorporated into every theme.

For all such and through guidance IIB is the best NEET coaching classes in Nanded, is truly one of the best coaching institutions in INDIA.

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Get Best Coaching for NEET and score 600+ marks in NEET

The restorative wannabes seeking for admission to MBBS/BDS/AYUSH courses must be very much aware of NEET prospectus. The schedule of NEET is being actualized in the wake of alluding the prospectuses of a few state sheets, CBSE, Council Board of School Education (COBSE) and National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT).

NEET prospectus covers themes from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology) segments with 45 inquiries in each segment, coming up to a sum of 180 inquiries. The disconnected placement test will be of 720 imprints with 4 imprints for each right answer and conclusion of 1 imprint for an inaccurate reaction.

With the total prospectus, competitors can make note of significant and pertinent themes from their Class 12 schedule. Knowing the NEET prospectus will assist hopefuls with getting mindful of their weakest and hardest areas of all, and IIB – NEET preparation classes will help in better planning to break NEET 2020 with 600+ scores.

IIB NEET preparation classes – one of the best classes in Nanded will help Step by step to break NEET with 600+ scores –

Make a viable plan

“A dream without technique is a deception.” – This maxim by Lee Bolman genuinely means that NEET arrangements without a viable plan are erratic. For verifying 600+ marks in NEET 2020, applicants need to make a refined timetable which will assist them with dividing the NEET schedule and give equivalent time extent to each subject.

Refer good books

Toward the start of the arrangements, NCERT books for Class 11 and 12 will be the most reasonable books. According to the subject specialists and NEET toppers, the vast majority of the inquiries in the NEET question paper will be founded on NCERT ideas of Class 11 and 12. Making the short notes will help understudies in recollecting the focuses they simply updated.IIB – NEET preparation classes will help to make this step easy.

When the NCERT prospectus is finished, at that point they can allude other best books for NEET arrangements.

Use earlier year papers and mock test

Taking the NEET mock test and utilizing NEET earlier year question papers is likewise the best methodology to acquire 600+ scores in NEET. And IIB for sure is the best medium to get all this done. When the NEET mock test and question papers are settled, aspirants can break down their arrangement methodology.


NEET prospectus is huge and expects time to finish it. When anaspirant finishes one part or subject, one should continue amending it. Regardless of how great and solid one has arranged, update is significant to remember the idea clear and new. This will prompt explaining the disarrays during the assessment. For better modification of every theme, at least 40-50 various decision addresses must be illuminated with a period of one moment for each question.

Important Tips

Sometimes aspirants start believing that they have a great deal of time left for arrangements. It is important to go planned for 600+ stamps in NEET and so as to make progress, diligent work and order with brilliant work in the way to split NEET with 600+ scores. Aspirants must channelize their vitality towards better arrangements. With these tips and best coaching by IIB – NEET preparation classes will help on the most proficient method to split NEET with 600+ scores.

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How studying at Ideal Institute of Biology will change your life

Students for the most part go to training or coaching focuses in light of the fact that they would prefer not to lag behind in the race to pro the JEE and NEET tests. In school era or till recent past coaching or institutions were considered only for extra studies but as far as NEET is considered it is the most needed aspect. Studying in IIB for preparation of NEET will change your perspective towards cracking the NEET.

NEET-UG is a profoundly aggressive selection test where at any rate 1 million understudies seem to get a couple of Golden Seats. It’s a test which tests your capability to turn into an individual on whose hands numerous existences of the country will flourish. This test is first step towards getting an advanced education of restorative course of MBBS/BDS from a medicinal/dental establishment in India. IIB, one of the best institute for Medical Coaching in India, NEET Classes in Nanded takes the pride to train the students successfully for this exams.

It is said that instructing for JEE and NEET works best on the off chance that one beginnings early. As huge numbers of understudies take a crack at training from class 9 onwards, the inquiries moves toward becoming, is instructing for placement tests like JEE/NEET truly required in class 9. IIB always give proper guidance to parents and kids to take first step towards their successful career path.

Training is advantageous just in the event that one is especially clear about Engineering or Medicine as their profession way.

To succeed, it is critical to defeat all obstructions and buckle down each day. You need proper guidance to defeat all these obstacles. Join IIB the Best Medical Coaching in India, NEET Classes in Nanded with the fantasy to break the NEET. The IIB framework lighted the sparkle of diligent will work for you and will give a way to arrive at your goal.

IIB can give 7 reasons to understand why it is the best institute for NEET preparation and how it will change your life?

Organized Syllabus

We as a whole expertise enormous is the prospectus of NEET. There are sure themes in NEET which are generally significant and inquiries from certain points are not asked every now and again. We can become acquainted with it simply in the wake of experiencing numerous earlier years’ papers and breaking down them.

Mentorship and Guidance

We as NEET instructing class can furnish the understudy with appropriate direction to defeat the pressure and focus totally on studies.

Customary Test

Customary tests are significant and each student should give them. They help to get ready well for the test just as give him/her self-acknowledgment that he/she ought to enhance which themes.

Legitimate Study Material

Getting something on a platter is in every case superior to attempting to suspect that thing from every one of the assets that exist in this world. Same is the situation with regards to NEET study assets. Getting great quality notes and realizing which books to pursue causes us not burn through our time on not extremely helpful books, just as sets aside the cash that we require to purchase the asset.

Appropriate Doubt Solving

The educators in IIB training class are entirely available making it extremely simple to approach questions for anybody.

The Study Group

Study gathering, or the individuals with whom you study, assumes a significant job in NEET. These are the individuals with whom you contend. These are the individuals with whom you comprehend your questions. They attempt to clear every single uncertainty that you may have.


Without a doubt, the most helpful recommendation is given by the seniors since they are the ones who confronted a comparative circumstance couple of years back. They realize how to handle the circumstance effectively and the missteps that students can make. As one of the great training classes in NEET preparation we have astonish set of seniors. They are constantly prepared to help and guide you.

All the best for your NEET planning!

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NTA announces 2019-20 schedule for NEET exams

NEET 2020 – National Testing Agency (NTA) has declared the significant dates of NEET 2020 through an official warning on August 21, 2019. NTA will lead the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2020 on May 3 in pen and paper-based mode. Enrollment of NEET 2020 and topping off of utilization structure will begin from December 2, 2019 and end on December 31. NEET 2020 application redress is probably going to be accessible from the second seven day stretch of January for up-and-comers who wish to address botches in their structures. Concede Card of NEET 2020 will be accessible for download on March 27, 2020. Up-and-comers who have showed up for the test can check the appropriate response key of NEET 2020 in May while the outcome will be declared on June 4, 2020. Advising will begin from there on independently for the All India share for 15% of the administration restorative seats in the nation in addition to seats of regarded colleges and focal colleges and state savvy directing for 85% of the administration seats and every private seat of the state.

NEET Important Dates 2020

Since NEET is the single biggest undergrad therapeutic placement test, it is essential that applicants monitor the significant dates of NEET 2020. This will help them in abstaining from missing any significant cut-off time like application, adjustment, concede card download dates and the sky is the limit from there. The NEET 2020 significant dates are given underneath in a table.

NEET 2020 Exam Dates/ events   Dates
Notification   August 21, 2019  
Application form release date   December 2, 2019  
Last date for registration   December 31, 2019  
Last date to pay the application fee   December 31, 2019  
NEET 2020 correction window dates   Second week of January 2020  
Release of Admit Card   March 27, 2020  
NEET 2020 exam date   May 3, 2020 (2.00 PM to 5.00 PM)  
Display of recorded responses   May last week, 2020*  
Release of provisional answer keys     May last week, 2020*  
Release of final official Answer Key   June 4, 2020*  
Declaration of NEET 2020 results     June 4, 2020  
Counselling for 15% AIQ/Deemed/Central Universities/ESIC and AFMC  
Registration – Round 1     June second week, 2020  
Result of Round 1   July first week, 2020  
Registration – Round 2   July second week, 2020  
Result of Round 2   July second week, 2020  

Note that all the Dates are tentative.

To show up for the passageway test, it is compulsory that competitors meet the endorsed qualification criteria. NEET qualification criteria will detail the nationality, age breaking point of applicants just as the passing test considered, subjects and pass rate for the equivalent. The NEET 2020 qualification criteria is recorded underneath.

Criteria Details
Nationality Indian Nationals, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), Persons with Indian Origin (PIO) Foreign Nationals
Age Limit Candidates must at least be 17 years of age by December 31, 2020. There is no upper age limit for NEET 2020
Qualifying Exam and subjects studied Candidates must have qualified Class 12 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Bio-technology. Candidates appearing for their class 12 or equivalent are also eligible to appear for the exam.
Minimum Required Marks Applicants must have scored minimum marks as mentioned below in each subject and in aggregate. Unreserved Candidates – 50% Physically Handicapped – 45% SC/ST/OBC NCL – 40%
Additional Biology and Open School students Candidates with Biology as an additional subject in Class 12 are also eligible. Students who have completed Class 11 and Class 12 from open school are also eligible.
Number of attempts There is no limit on the number of attempts.

Students all set to crack NEET exam with IIB the best medical preparation institute in Nanded.

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