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How to Release NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER Exam Stress?

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Examination without stress is unheard. Students and parents alike invariably are stressed out whether it is anticipating how to cover the extensive syllabus, or while preparing for the examination. Still, especially when the examination is a few months away, the exam stress is at the peak. Giving NEET examination is one of the turning points in students life. They have slogged their way to prepare for this examination as this medical entrance examination is the deciding point of their medical career. The scores will help them to pursue medicine as a career from the best of the medical colleges in India. As it is a critical examination, it is bound to be stressful, despite that students need to know how they could release the exam stress while preparing for the examination.

Regular working out helps in releasing the exam stress

Students preparing for the medical entrance examination should inculcate the habit of working out regularly. It is a very old saying a healthy body means a healthy mind. While exercising the body releases endorphins, which helps in reducing stress and make you feel good about yourselves. Plan your exercise schedule when you take a break from the long hours of studying by doing this, you won’t miss your study time and will get ample time to work out and feel refreshed.

Get good sleep

Majority of students while preparing for the examination sleep only for a few hours, this happens due to the exam stress they are going through. But the students need to realise that getting undisturbed 7 to 8 hours of sleep is essential for the brain to work properly. Students should try to sleep and get up at the same time every single day. Students should keep away from all the electronic devices at least 2 hours before sleeping, the light-emitting from these electronic devices trick the brain, and you are unable to sleep for long hours

Apply the time management techniques

Adhering to the time management techniques would reduce the exam stress considerably. Time management techniques will help the students be organised. Hence, the students are able to complete their work or study on time, thus reducing stress. Proper time management technique, if followed with discipline, will help the students to take the required rest and get enough sleep. By getting proper rest and sleep, the students will feel more energised to study more and retain well whatever they have studied. Good time management would help the students to finish studying the syllabus and have ample amount of time for revision just before the main medical entrance examination, thus reducing the stress to a higher level.

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