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I am grateful to the IIB team for making my dreams come true. I initiated my NEET journey in the 11th grade seeking guidance through IIB online classes. The inspiring teachers, teaching methodologies, and comprehensive study material aided my preparation. I would highly recommend the IIB for NEET preparation as it is one of the best institutes for NEET in Maharashtra. I would also suggest joining the two-year course as it will help in comprehensive preparation.

Palak Jaju

NEET Topper: 705 / 720

I scored an amazing 700/720 in the NEET 2023 exam, with a perfect 360/360 in biology. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the constant backing of my hardworking teachers and mentors. Their direction has catapulted me to such incredible heights.

I joined IIB for NEET preparation and am extremely grateful for their great assistance. The experienced coaching, combined with their extensive study materials and interactive sessions, has been simply outstanding. These resources not only improved my understanding but also enabled me to successfully address all of my doubts and issues.

Dyaneshwar Jadhav

NEET Topper: 700 / 720

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the teachers of IIB for their guidance, support, and motivation in my NEET journey. The study material provided by the institute is very useful in addition I also find the test series and mock test helpful in getting success in the NEET exam. The teaching methodologies used at IIB let me understand the concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology easily. It would not be possible to score such good marks in the NEET exam without IIB support. In addition, I would suggest being consistent in the studies to get a good score in NEET.

Arjun Lingdale

NEET Topper: 700 / 720

My success in the NEET exam can be attributed to the IIB NEET preparation strategy. In tackling Physics, I found the comprehensive question bank provided by IIB extremely valuable. Additionally, I mastered Organic Chemistry through diligent study of my class notes. The study materials offered by IIB were also instrumental in my journey toward success. Throughout my journey, I found the teaching methods of the IIB beneficial. The conducive environment at the institute pushes your learning beyond the books. I highly recommend IIB for NEET preparation and proving yourself in the exam.

Bharti Deshmukh

NEET Topper: 696 / 720

Achieving a perfect score of 180/180 in chemistry is a moment of immense pride for me. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the outstanding faculty at IIB, whose guidance and mentorship have been vital in my achievement. IIB's teaching methods, study resources, mock examinations, and extensive test series have thoroughly impressed me. The question-and-answer sessions have been quite beneficial in improving my understanding of numerous areas. I would also like to emphasize the need for consistency and putting in committed hard effort during exam preparation for achieving the NEET exam.

Sayali Mahindkar

NEET Topper: 705 / 720

I confronted various personal challenges while studying for the NEET exam. However, thanks to the IIB career institute's consistent support, encouragement, and guidance, I was able to achieve a great score in the NEET 2023 examination. Throughout my preparation journey, the study material, methods of instruction, extensive test series, doubt-clearing sessions, and mock examinations were all really valuable. With the help of IIB, I was able to fulfil my mother's dream of becoming a doctor. I heartily recommend IIB for NEET preparation and encourage others to join them on their NEET exam path to achieve perfection.

Shrutika Arvind Mahajan

NEET Topper: 705 / 720

After enrolling in the IIB medical program, my childhood ambition of becoming a doctor has come true. I want to express my gratitude to the professors and support staff. Every teacher at IIB is particularly interested in addressing every little misunderstanding. Study materials, practice exams, worksheets, multiple-choice questions, and fill-in-the-blanks are some of the crucial elements of IIB that helped me achieve a score of 692/720 on the NEET 2022. In addition to this, a thorough study of the NCERT books has also contributed to the success. I am grateful to the IIB team because I would not be able to succeed without their assistance.

Animesh Raut

NEET Topper: 692 / 720

In NEET 2022, I achieved a score of 690/720. I'd like to thank my parents and the IIB team for their encouragement and support. During the lockdown, I joined the IIB digital platform and enjoyed learning through the test series, multiple-choice questions, and practice papers. The study material provided is excellent, and teachers answer all questions about the subject. I would recommend that you join the IIB to prepare for the NEET exam.

Shruti Veer

NEET Topper: 690 / 720

It was unbelievable to score 690/720 on the NEET 2022. I'd like to thank the IIB team and my parents for their guidance and assistance in helping me achieve a good score. The chapter-by-chapter, unit-by-unit, and full-course study pattern allowed me to thoroughly understand the entire syllabus. I only studied NCERT books and IIB study material, and it was enough to get a good grade.

Aditya Kendre

NEET Topper: 690 / 720

In NEET 2022, I achieved a score of 657/720. I'd like to thank the IIB team and my parents for their support and guidance during the difficult lockdown period. In 2020, I enrolled in the IIB digital classes. I was a little shy at first, but with a supportive teacher, I came forward to clear my doubts during the discussion session. The entire IIB team motivates and rewards students who perform well on the practice test. It has helped me in the final NEET exam. IIB provides the best NEET preparation coaching. Think NEET, Think IIB.

Brahma Komwad

NEET Topper: 657 / 720

I passed the NEET 2022 exam with a score of 680/720. Everything is attributable to the IIB staff and instructional methodology. I want to express my gratitude to my parents and the IIB staff for their time. The key to passing the NEET exam is understanding the fundamental ideas of clearance. I solely used the NCERT books and the IIB study materials. Although the IIB team's methodical approach to the NEET preparation has made everything on schedule, I was really concerned about finishing the course. I advise enrolling in IIB because it is the top NEET preparation program in Pune.

Saksham Karande

NEET Topper: 680 / 720

 Hi, My self Anant Santosh Malpani, I have been an IIBian from 2 years. I have studied in IIB Nanded. When I was in 9th std., that time only I decided to pursue medical degree as my father was a doctor. My first day in IIB Institute was like the best day in my life in any coaching institute. In IIB institute there is a very well conversion between the teachers and students. Teachers in IIB are very co-operative. When newly I have admitted in institute, I was shy and scared for how will I deal with my education. But then class was started and teacher started to teach concept. I was having doubt in that concept but I was not able to share this with teacher as I was frighten. Then suddenly teacher ask me to stand-up and they asked if I have any doubt in that concept. I was shock that how they know came to know about this. Then I understood when you join IIB, you build a mutual trust with teachers. Teachers at IIB always encourage their students. I learn unique thoughts through the teachers.

Anant Santosh Malpani

NEET Score: 665, Bio Score: 335

Hi friends, I am Bhure Shivam Ganeshrao, I am from Naigaon. From my seniors I came to that for biology IIB is the only best institute. Basically I am from rural region. I was very scared when I took admission in IIB. In first exam, I studied a lot and scored good marks and hence my confidence increased. In IIB, teaching technique is good, they teach on the big screen. Concept of heart in books is only limited to theory but because of big screens we came across with 3D dimensional views. This teaching technique is very helpful. IIB institute conducts exam very well and results were also declared in time. This saved the time of students and this is one of the reason for success of students. Many students worry about extra questions in NEET. But if we studied by IIB techniques then you can solve that extra questions also. Before joining IIB, I was not sure that I will score such a good marks. But all this possible only due to IIB. So I want to thank you IIB.

Bhure Shivam Ganeshrao

NEET Score: 650, Bio Score: 340

Hello friends, I am a Krishnai Rathod. In my family there was no guide for me because I’m the eldest child. So, that’s why IIB is everything for me. I scored good marks in 10 th so, I decided to join a best institute. It was my dream. I started for searching the best institute. Then I found that all overall India, IIB is the best for medical entrance exam. Being a IIBian was a dream for me. Because everything needed in medical exams is available here. They teach us with the fun. They conducts the game related to the study, also they provide video for learning. We enjoyed in the class. They take moc test on all the topics so we can answer all the question asked in the exam. I passed the exam with good scores only because of IIB. Teachers in IIB are very patient and co-operative. They cleared my doubts everytime. Atlast, I want to thanks my parents and whole IIB team.

Krushnai Kalyan Rathod

NEET Score: 676, Bio Score: 350

Hi friends, I am Vedant Balaji Patil. I am from muthkhed. My father, Balaji Patil is a police constable. My mother Vandana Patil is a housewife. When I decided to take admission in 11 th std that time there were more than 1/5 th part of the seats of IIB. That time I decided to join an IIB Institute. At starting, I didn’t thoughtof to take admission in one of the top colleges. But then teachers said that you will also be eligible to take admissionin the top colleges, then I decided to keep study and score good. The special thing in IIB are their tricks. Examples are the most important fact in biology. Name of some examples are very difficult but the tricks they taughtwere very helpful to understand and so easy to solve that examples. After scoring good marks in exams I came to know that I will get admission in one of the top colleges. My success credit goes to the IIB. Thank you IIB.

Vedant Balaji Patil

NEET Score: 655, Bio Score: 345

Hello everyone, I am Vedanti Shendge. I scored 585 marks in NEET 2019 exam. When I was in 8 th std, I decided to take a bio. Because in my family there was not a single doctor. So, I wanted to become a first doctor in my family. To serve for our society is my dream. In 11th std. I decided to join IIB because it was the only institute with the best results. Along with the studies, I think morals and ethics are more important in our life. Because this two things helps to being a expert and successful person. IIB institute helps to develop this personality. IIB staff is disciplined, well behaving and they follow all the rules. As we all know in NEET, 50% weightage is of bio and this is a first tie break to decide your score. Your ranking score decides in which medical college you will get admission. That's why to get good medical college you have to score top marks in the biology. For this, you have to choose the right institute because hard work in the right direction gives the success.

Vedanti Shendge

NEET Score: 585, Bio Score: 330