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Last Minute Preparation Guide to NEET 2024 Exam

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Last-minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2024 Exam

  1. Practice and Revision

Practice is the most important thing one can suggest to you after understanding the topic. Solve as many questions (MCQs) as possible to increase your accuracy and speed. Appear for mock tests and practice tests in an exam-simulated environment and analyse your result with a focus on the improvement of mistakes. 

Revision is the only way to retain the majority of the topics, formulas, and equations. Read the NCERT books, notes, diagrams, and flow charts you created throughout the initial learning time. Revise your weak topics to clarify the concept and emphasize the relevant topics.

  1. Do Not Start Any New Topic

Learning new topics at this point is useless. Focus on the courses you have covered and master them with the help of regular revision techniques. Don’t panic if some part of the syllabus remains uncovered as you can score well even if you thoroughly study more relevant topics and leave the least relevant topics.

  1. Incorporate Formulas, Diagrams, and Flow charts

For the topics you feel it is difficult to memorise use flowcharts and diagrams to enhance retention. The diagrams can be easily framed and memorised for biology. Use chain flow diagrams for remembering chain reactions and rote learning for formulas in Physics.

  1. Focus on Your Health

Stress is at its peak during the final preparation. Do not let stress disturb your health. Follow a disciplined schedule and routine. Take short breaks, do meditation to relax your mind, talk with your family and friends, get adequate sleep, and nutritious diet.

  1. Give Time to Each Subject

Mix the subjects in the revision schedule so that you do not get bored while studying. Covering different topics a day can help you in revising the entire syllabus on time. 

  1. Consistent Practise

Do not sit back and get relieved from the study thinking that I have done enough study. Success in the NEET exam can be achieved only by consistent effort. Regular revision and practice are very important for success. 

  1. Bridge the Gap

You might come across some questions that need extra effort to solve. Do not give up as some days are with you. Understand such questions with the help of mentors and solve more questions like that to bridge the gap between the study and its application.

  1. Go through Exam Guidelines

Before heading for the exam read the instructions or exam guidelines carefully. Keep all the things required for the exam ready. Follow all do’s and don’ts as strict action will be taken against you if any offence is found.

  1. Attempt the Question Paper Wisely

While solving the exam paper answer only those questions for which you are sure. Do not predict the answer as one wrong answer will deduct one mark from your total score. Read the question twice before answering. Answer only 5 questions in section B and no extra marks will be given for the extra questions so use your time wisely.

  1. Self Believe

Stay calm focused and believe in yourself at this time. Do not panic or let exam anxiety overcome your confidence. Keep a positive mindset. Do not let negative thoughts inside your mind. 

Experts and Toppers Tips for Last-Minute NEET Preparation  

  1. Once the syllabus is completed use reverse strategy for preparation. Take mock tests, practise the previous year’s exam papers, analyse your performance and rectify mistakes.
  2. NCERT books are the only key to success. Read them thoroughly several times to get an insight into the fundamentals.
  3. Prioritise your schedule of revisions with high-weightage topics and then the weak points to foster the preparation.
  4. Spend some time in recreational activities to refresh yourself.
  5. Avoid sticking to late late-night schedule as it will disrupt your sleep pattern resulting in sleepy days.
  6. Focus on revision and practice sessions as they will pave your path to success.


NEET is a significant exam for medical aspirants. Preparing well for the exam is important to gain good rank and admission to the top medical college. IIB Career Institute is one of the leading NEET coaching centres in Maharastra with centres at Akola, Chattrapati Shamnhaji Nagar, Nanded, Latur, Kolhapur, and Pune (PCMC, FC Road, and Camp). The institute has 25 years of excellence in NEET education and has a proven track record of success in the NEET exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will NEET 2024 be tough?

Answer: NEET is a challenging exam for medical aspirants. NEET 2024 exam paper will lie between moderate to difficult levels. However, the competition will be high as around 25 lakhs of students have filled out the NEET application form this year.

How many hours should I study for NEET 2024?

Answer: A student should ideally study for 10-12 hours regularly for NEET preparation. Consistent practice, regular revision, practice, and hard work are the key factors to success in the NEET 2024 exam.

Which institute is best for NEET in Maharashtra?

Answer: IIB Career Institute is one of the leading NEET coaching centres in Maharashtra offering classes for 11, 12 and repeaters. The institute has 8 centres in Maharashtra at Akola, Nanded, Chatrapati Shambhaji Nagar, Kolhapur, Latur, and Pune (PCMC, FC Road, and Camp).

Is PYQ enough for NEET?

Answer: Relying only on the previous year’s question papers for NEET preparation will not be enough for the preparation. The questions change every year and are not usually repeated. Students should focus on understanding the fundamentals and hands-on the concepts to excel in the NEET exam.