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Tips for Last Minute Preparation for NEET

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The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is a few months away. Most of the students have already prepared and would have started the revision for the impending examination. NEET examination is one of the most sought out medical entrance examination. Getting a good score in this examination would determine the future of the students. NEET 2020 would be conducted on 03rd May 2020; hence students have little time to study. This is a time to revise and work on time management, which is very essential while giving the actual examination. There are some tips for last-minute preparation for NEET which students can use.

Not a time to learn a new topic

Students doing last-minute preparation should never learn a new topic. Learning a new topic requires more time to understand which would lead in creating confusion and eventually it would increase the stress level of the students. Hence, learning a new topic should be avoided at all cost while doing last-minute preparation for NEET. Rather than starting a new topic, it is advisable for the students to revise the topics they have already studied. Revising the topic which is previously studied will be more useful as you are making your strength stronger.

Keep on Giving Mock Test Papers

Giving mock question papers should be number one on the schedule while doing the last-minute preparation for NEET. Giving a mock test should be done all day along during the last-minute preparation. As by practising the question paper will help the students in their revision as the mock question paper will have questions from the topics they have studied. It will also help the students in the time management as it is very essential for the actual NEET examination. While giving the mock test, the students have to finish the attempting all the questions in the paper within a set time; the more mock test they give, the more time-bound they will become.

Take care of your health

Students should take care of their health, both mentally and physically. It is essential for the students to be healthy in both aspects, as they have to give examination, which involves high stress. 

Students should take some time out to do some physical activity or workout, and they should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students should try meditating as this will help them to calm their nerves. They should always try to eat healthily and should avoid skipping meals, as skipping meals will make them tired and lethargic.

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