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What should be the Study Plan for NEET?

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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most significant medical entrance examinations for the students who aspire to be a doctor or want to do something in the field of medicines. The syllabus of NEET consists of topics from Physics, Chemistry, Biology. In the examination, the students will be asked 180 questions from all the subjects, as mentioned earlier. Students have to mark their answers correctly; otherwise, they will get negative marking for every wrong answer marked. Hence, the students need to prepare thoroughly for the examination to avoid negative marking. For doing this, the student should come up with a study plan for NEET. Some of the guidelines for a good study plan for NEET is mentioned below.

Assigning time for all the topics

The first thing students should know is the syllabus of the NEET examination. The syllabus of NEET usually consists of topics from 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. Hence, the students already have an idea about the entire syllabus. Once they know the syllabus, they should divide each topic as per the difficulty level and the weightage it carries in the examination.

Students can divide the topics into four categories viz, the topics carrying high weightage but not so difficult, the topics carrying high weightage and challenging to study, the topic carrying low weightage and not so challenging to study and topics carrying less weightage and difficult to study. One should keep in mind that this division of topics is student-specific, i.e. some students will find reproduction as a straightforward topic while for some students, this topic can be difficult. Hence, students should segregate the topics as per their understanding.

Once the segregation is done, assign time for the topics as a part of the study plan for NEET. They should try to cover the high weightage and challenging to study topic first so that they have ample time to be thorough about the topic. As per the topic they should make their weekly study plan and finish the entire syllabus and should have enough time for revision.

Revision should be done every day

Students should not keep the revision for the last few months before the examination. Revision should be done every day; students should make it a habit to revise what they have studied the entire day before hitting the sack. They should dedicate half-hour or forty-five minutes in the morning for revising what they did the previous day before starting with their studies. The revision will always help the students to keep the topic fresh in their mind.

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