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Ace the JEE Mains with IIB Coaching Classes for Repeater

JEE Main droppers are the repeaters who are limited to two more attempts. Therefore, they should put in more hard work in their preparation to achieve their target score by putting together a study schedule.

Utilizing modern technology, enrolling in online coaching for JEE dropouts has become convenient, allowing for easy registration, learning, and revision. IIB offers a comprehensive and reliable JEE Repeater Course tailored to JEE Main and IIT-JEE droppers. The study materials in the JEE Main Repeater course have been thoughtfully curated by our proficient JEE instructors. For IIT-JEE droppers, the optimal study solution is the JEE Main Repeater Course.

Take the First Step Towards JEE Victory: Join IIB’s Coaching Classes for Repeater!

    IIB's Course Structure: Your Learning Edge

    Detailed study materials
    Divided into important components of question banks
    Error-free recorded live lectures
    Designed to cater to 12th-grade students
    Incorporates approximately 21,000 questions in total for JEE (Mains & Advanced)
    Contains more than 9,500 questions

    Why IIB?

    IIB stands as a top institute in Maharashtra, providing coaching classes for JEE and NEET exams to students in grades 11, 12, and repeaters. We have our other branches located in Akola, Latur, PCMC, and FC Road. With 23 years of experience, the institute leaves no stone unturned in making every student’s story a success.

    Skilled Instructors
    Clear Learning Materials
    Engaging Classroom Sessions
    Strong Conceptual Focus
    Doubt Resolution Opportunities
    Tailored Support
    Practice Exams and Materials
    Career Guidance
    Parent-Teacher Engagement
    Effective Time Management

    Our Results at a Glance

    What factors should you consider when selecting a coaching institute?

    Certainly, here are the aspects to consider while choosing a coaching institute to excel in your IIT JEE preparation:

    Assessing Faculty

    Examine the qualifications, teaching proficiency, and credentials of the instructors. Experienced educators greatly enhance your learning journey.

    Reviewing Track Record

    The institute's historical performance in NEET and JEE exams reflects its success rate in competitive exams. A strong track record indicates effective coaching.

    Evaluating Study Materials

    Carefully assess the institute's study materials. Current and comprehensive study resources are pivotal for a well-rounded preparation.

    Inspecting Infrastructure

    Verify the institute's facilities, including classrooms, study areas, and libraries. A conducive setting promotes focused studying.

    Considering Location

    Prioritize proximity to save time and effort on commuting.

    Scrutinizing Class Size

    Explore the size of batches. Smaller batches tend to offer more effective learning. Ensure the class isn't overcrowded.

    Understanding Teaching Approach

    Look into the institute's teaching methods—doubt-clearing sessions, mock tests, personalized guidance, and test series contribute to comprehensive understanding.

    Seeking Alumni Input

    Gather insights from past students and their parents regarding their institute experiences. Reviews and testimonials offer valuable perspectives.

    Analyzing Fee Structure

    Acquire information about fees, payment choices, discounts, and scholarships. Compare fees across different coaching centres in your vicinity.

    Taking these factors into account while choosing a coaching institute will enable you to make a knowledgeable choice that matches your learning approach, objectives, and preferences.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, there is a JEE repeater course offered by IIB coaching classes for JEE droppers. The course is thoughtfully curated by the exam experts to help students ace the JEE Mains exam as they are limited to only two more attempts.

    You should choose a repeater course at IIB coaching classes to maximise your chances of success in achieving your goals. IIB’s repeaters course gives you an edge with comprehensive study material incorporating approximately 21,000 questions in total for JEE Mains & JEE Advanced. With live classes, Q&A sessions, personalised attention, and post-exam support, IIB caters for the needs of every JEE aspirant.

    The length of the IIT JEE repeaters’ program can differ from one institution to another. Typically, the duration of the batch can span from six months to a year, contingent upon the arrangement of the curriculum.

    To prepare for IIT JEE, IIB coaching classes are the best in Pune at PCMC and FC Road. You can also avail the classes in the adjacent areas like Akola and Latur. IIB’s comprehensive study material and live classes with help you to crack IIT JEE with the best results for admission into the dream engineering colleges.

    Absolutely. Since you have only two more attempts left for getting into your dream college, you should join a good IIT coaching program. IIB coaching classes in Pune, Akola, Latur, offer a course for JEE repeaters by creating a specialized course with live classes by skilled instructors.

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