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With a remarkable 25-year legacy in NEET & JEE coaching, we take pride in our proven track record of producing over 18,000 successful NEET aspirants. For the first time in the history of Maharashtra, in the year 2023 alone, IIB as an individual coaching captured more than 60 out of 100 available seats in Maharashtra. At IIB Career Institute, we strongly adhere to the philosophy that “Learning is Living Life”, a principle stated by our founder.

At IIB, we follow interactive and innovative learning methodologies that make learning interesting and remain with the students forever. We also focus on bridging the gap between academics and competitive preparation to boost confidence in the students while appearing for both examinations. We also provide a conducive and supportive learning environment that motivates them throughout the NEET and JEE preparation journey. 

IIB offers a wide range of programs comprising NEET and JEE foundation courses for classes 8th to 10th, comprehensive preparation courses for classes 11, 12, and repeaters across its eight centres located at Akola, Nanded, Latur, Chattrapati Shambhaji Nagar, Kolhapur, Pune (FC Road, Pimpri Chinchwad, and Camp). In addition, we also offer App-based online learning classes in remote locations.  Join IIB and ignite your journey for a successful medical and engineering career.

We welcome you to IIB Career Institute for your successful career and prosperously happy life. Thank You.

  • Expertise

    IIB Career Institute has experienced staff, having experience of more than 25 years in teaching the syllabus.

  • Achievement

    IIB Career Institute started Coaching Classes 25 years ago. Focusing on its Vision to achieve the Mission.

  • Test Series

    IIB Career Institute has now become a brand for Medical Career Preparation.



IIB Team

We are the Best NEET and JEE Coaching Institute in Maharashtra. Our vision is not only to produce excellent doctors and engineers who are brilliant at academics but also to take care of these professionals to have a vision to serve for the betterment of society and the nation. Our focus is on building a strong positive attitude towards life that will help in the overall transformation of a student.

As a prestigious medical and engineering Coaching Centre, IIB Career Institute has a mission of providing unparalleled guidance and support for NEET and JEE aspirants. Our teaching methods make the concepts easy to understand and play a significant role in building a strong foundation that will help future doctors and engineers delve into advanced topics easily. We have a significant number of successful NEET aspirants and many more to come soon. Our motto is to provide more and more doctors and engineers who can reshape our nation's medical and technological aspects.

IIB Career Institute Team is well known for it’s teaching styles and friendly approach towards the students. Staff at IIB Career Institute have high intellectual thinking and a higher vision for students and society where we live. The team is always busy doing something more innovative and result oriented for students and society.

IIB Career Institute is proud to trained the students and helping them in achieving their dreams. Team’s leadership quality and good decisions have always helped the students to be successful in their career and life. IIB Career Institute Team’s commitment towards their vision is what inspires the students so that they can succeed in their career and life.

Director’s Message

Welcome to IIB Career Institute, the best institute for Medical Career. Our students enroll with us for a variety of compelling reasons—both career and their life. They enjoy and benefit from a wealth of stimulating educational experiences within our classrooms. As is the history of IIB Career Institute to produce excellent results, IIB Career Institute is always ready to improve the results by refining teaching styles according to “IIB Pattern”. IIB Career Institute has also developed the infrastructure that makes the students more focused towards study such as attendance system, comfortable sitting arrangement, etc.

IIB Career Institute is committed to help students by all means to move towards success.