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How should I strengthen my weak topics for the AIIMS Exam 2020?

Home Blog How should I strengthen my weak topics for the AIIMS Exam 2020?

The NEET and AIIMS Exam 2020 is a few months away. The preparation for these exams would be at full swing. But at the same time, there will be some topics which the students are finding difficult to understand. And keeping them in option is not an option at all. Here are some ways that will help you strengthen your weak topics.

Read and understand the concept of the topics

One of the things that make a topic weak is because students do not understand the concept of the topic. Once they understand, then it is easy to remember and answer questions about it. Students should read and understand the concept of the topic, which will be there in the AIIMS Exam 2020. They should take the guidance of their mentors to help them with the topic to understand it very well.

Break down the topics into smaller sections

One of the best ways to learn difficult or weaker topics is to divide and conquer it. For students at times, it seems somewhat overwhelming to see a vast chapter to study. Students, looking at the vast chapter, most of their confidence is lost, hence dividing them into smaller section will make it easier for them to study. Also, while studying it is advisable that students keep a pen and notebook with them and simultaneously prepare their cheat sheet based on their understanding.

Give mock tests on the weaker topics as much as you can

Giving mock tests will help the students know how well they know the topic. This will help them to keep a check on their progress about the topic. And they will be prepared well for their next test and compare the improvement.

Take the help of your mentor to understand the concept of the topic

Students should always lean on to their mentors while preparing for the NEET and AIIMS Exam 2020. As a mentor, they know well how they can make the student understand the concept better. So, the students should take as much help they can from their mentor to help them with the topic they are finding it challenging to study.

Revise the topic every day without fail

Practice makes a man perfect; therefore, students should, without fail, revise the topic at least one or two hours a day. Revising the topic daily will help them to remember the topic and what they have studied so far. This will help them to keep the topic fresh in their mind, hence revising every day is essential if the student wants to strengthen the weaker topic.

Do Not Give Up

A student should never Give up; if they are finding a topic difficult, they should not just raise their hands and give up. They should at least try and give another shot to the topic and prepare the topic with much more rigour. They should find ways to stay motivated.

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