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Welcome to IIB -
Best Medical Coaching in India

We at IIB Career Institute, take the pride to warm heartedly welcome you to the Best Institute in Maharashtra, India for Biology. We stand here with an experience of shaping the career and life of more than 15000 successful medical aspirants. Since 1999, IIB Career Institute is guiding the students to achieve their dreams. Institute’s efforts and the style of teaching is now famous in all over Maharashtra. Here at IIB Career Institute, we firmly believe “Learning is living life” – the theory stated by Honorable Founder.

IIB Advantages

  • Teaching Methodology

    Concept & application based learning Interactive & engaging lectures Integrated approach focusing on competitive & school exams.

  • Study Material

    Well-researched & analysed Comprehensive & meticulously designed Based on latest syllabus & exam pattern.

  • Regular Tests & Assessments

    Detailed test analysis with error analysis report Simulated tests based on latest exam pattern Compete at national level with All India IIB Test Series.

  • Doubt Clearing System

    One-to-one interactive session with subject experts Detailed & simplified solutions Video solutions for instant doubt resolution.

Happy Students

IIB Results


1470 Students

NEET 2021

1253 Students

NEET 2020

1215 Students

NEET 2019

1111 Students

NEET 2018

843 Students

NEET 2017

Our Achievement

Ideal Institute of Biology started mentoring the students 23 years ago. Focusing on its Vision to achieve the Mission, year by year Ideal Institute of Biology has been successful in increasing the count of students selected for MBBS. The recent statistics about MH-CET 2015 proves it. In MH-CET 2014 all over Maharashtra nearly 208 Students were selected for MBBS.

We believe that success has no ends, and we are ready to prove and push the limits of our success.

News and Events

More than 16500+ students MBBS dream accomplished.

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