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How should I strengthen my weak topics for the AIIMS Exam 2020?

The NEET and AIIMS Exam 2020 is a few months away. The preparation for these exams would be at full swing. But at the same time, there will be some topics which the students are finding difficult to understand. And keeping them in option is not an option at all. Here are some ways that will help you strengthen your weak topics.

Read and understand the concept of the topics

One of the things that make a topic weak is because students do not understand the concept of the topic. Once they understand, then it is easy to remember and answer questions about it. Students should read and understand the concept of the topic, which will be there in the AIIMS Exam 2020. They should take the guidance of their mentors to help them with the topic to understand it very well.

Break down the topics into smaller sections

One of the best ways to learn difficult or weaker topics is to divide and conquer it. For students at times, it seems somewhat overwhelming to see a vast chapter to study. Students, looking at the vast chapter, most of their confidence is lost, hence dividing them into smaller section will make it easier for them to study. Also, while studying it is advisable that students keep a pen and notebook with them and simultaneously prepare their cheat sheet based on their understanding.

Give mock tests on the weaker topics as much as you can

Giving mock tests will help the students know how well they know the topic. This will help them to keep a check on their progress about the topic. And they will be prepared well for their next test and compare the improvement.

Take the help of your mentor to understand the concept of the topic

Students should always lean on to their mentors while preparing for the NEET and AIIMS Exam 2020. As a mentor, they know well how they can make the student understand the concept better. So, the students should take as much help they can from their mentor to help them with the topic they are finding it challenging to study.

Revise the topic every day without fail

Practice makes a man perfect; therefore, students should, without fail, revise the topic at least one or two hours a day. Revising the topic daily will help them to remember the topic and what they have studied so far. This will help them to keep the topic fresh in their mind, hence revising every day is essential if the student wants to strengthen the weaker topic.

Do Not Give Up

A student should never Give up; if they are finding a topic difficult, they should not just raise their hands and give up. They should at least try and give another shot to the topic and prepare the topic with much more rigour. They should find ways to stay motivated.

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Things to Avoid in NEET Exam Preparation

Students are well aware of the things which have to be followed for their NEET Exam preparation. They need to follow the syllabus, they should be giving mock test regularly, they should eat right, clear their doubts are few of the things that they have to consider. But how many students know what to avoid while preparing for the medical entrance examination. Here are some of the important things which students need to avoid while focussing on the preparation of the NEET Examination.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is one of ‘THE’ things that the students have to avoid by all means. Procrastination will only add on to the stress in NEET Exam Preparation. Do not leave things for tomorrow, the student should be very proactive in finishing the topics. Completing the assignments on time and should stick to the study plan students have made. Procrastination kills productivity.

Avoid Excessive Television and Social Media

Although it is necessary to take a regular break from the studies, at the same time students should avoid overdoing it. Binge-watching the series is a big NO for NEET Exam preparation. With the popularity of online streaming channels, it is very easy for students to get distracted and avoid studying. Social Media also plays a very important role in diverting the student’s attention while studying, it is like a whirlpool once you go inside, it isn’t very easy to get out. Hence, students and parents both have to be careful while indulging in television and social media.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

It is understandable that NEET exam preparation is very cumbersome and at times, challenging. But these things should not let the students affect their mental health and go into negative thought. Negative Thoughts like ‘I won’t be able to do it’, ‘I will not pass the entrance examination’ should not come to the mind of the students. You should stay motivated and give the best shot you can while preparing for the examination.

Avoid studying for a longer duration

Students should avoid studying for long hours at a stretch. They should take a regular break from their NEET exam preparation to clear their mind. Research has shown that a break is required after every 45 minutes or one hour of continuous study. Taking a break will help in increasing the productivity.

Avoid focusing on Quantity

It is not important the number of topics the student has completed, what is more, important is how much of these they really understood. Students should focus more on quality rather than the quantity of the preparation. During the examination quality, preparation will yield positive results.

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How to study for NEET in 1 Year?

NEET is one of the most awaited examination for all the medical aspirants. They usually start preparing for this examination as soon as they get admission in their 11th standard. The students start preparing so early because the syllabus of the NEET covers topics of both 11th and 12th standards. Hence, it gives them a competitive edge if they begin the preparation soon. For those who didn’t prepare for the NEET examination early and have one year in hand. Here is some guidance as to how to study for NEET in 1 year.

The students need to know the syllabus

The first step in studying NEET in 1 year is that students should know the syllabus of the NEET entrance examination. They need to be aware of the topic which they have to prepare for the examination. By being aware of the syllabus, students will be informed of the topics they need to study, which will help them to prepare well.

While studying try preparing own notes

After knowing the syllabus, students should proactively make a study plan for themselves and strictly adhered to it. By having a study plan student will have a structure in their study pattern, which will help them study the portion of NEET in 1 year. While studying students should make it a habit of making their own notes by referring to the NEET Study material, this will help the students the understand the topic better. As they are writing the notes in the way they have understood the topic, it will be easy for them to remember.

Revision and mock test

Nothing can replace revision and mock test. The more you revise and give the mock test, the better. Revision makes the student keep the topic fresh in their mind, while the mock test will help the students to know how well they are prepared for the examination. According to the result of the mock test, they can give emphasis to the topics that need more concentration on their part.

Be prepared to work hard

To finish studying NEET in 1-year students should be mentally ready to work really hard for it. The students need to study 2 years’ worth syllabus in one year. Student needs to work hard irrespective of whether they are preparing for the examination in one year or two years.

Students have to be focused and disciplined

The student appearing for the NEET exam should have complete focus and absolute discipline. They should stick to their schedule and control the distraction like going out for a party, excess social media, excessive watching of Television at least for one year if they want to clear the exam with flying colours.  

Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) gives the best coaching for NEET to their students. The classes have their branches at Nanded and Latur. For those students who are residing outside these places can take admission in their online course, which will give them the same benefits as the regular classes conducted on the premises.




How to Avoid Negative Marking in NEET?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is just around the corner. Students have to start their preparation at full swing. These couple of months should be dedicated to revision and clearing any doubts the students have with the guidance of their mentor and teachers. Students need to pull up their socks and should be well versed with the concepts and understanding of the syllabus they have to prepare for the examination. One of the things that the students need to keep in mind that there will be negative marking in NEET if they get the answers wrong. This is one of the crucial things that students should always keep in mind while preparing for the NEET examination. Some of the things that students should do to avoid negative marking are as follows.

Read the Questions Thoroughly

The first thing students should do while attempting the questions is to read the questions thoroughly if it means to read more than two times, so be it. Usually, in the anxiousness, students fail to understand the question correctly and tend to answer it incorrectly as well. This will be a reason for getting a negative marking in NEET.

Read the Multi Choices Properly

Like the questions, the students should make it a point to go through the answer choices properly as well. In Multiple choice questions, the answers are deliberately given a similar type of choices to confuse the students. At times the answers can be all of the above. Hence the students have to read the options of the questions also properly before answering the question to avoid the negative marks.

Attempt the easy questions first

After the students get the question paper, they should skim through the whole question paper first and identify those question which is easy for them, and they are confident about the answer. Attempting those questions first, which are easy for them will give them the confidence boost they need and would help them to phase out the stress. If they start by answering the tough question will make the students stress a lot while attempting those questions. As their brains are already worked up for the tough questions, they may tend to give wrong answers even if they are confident about the questions earlier.

Avoid Attempting doubtful questions

In NEET when in doubt, do not attempt them. As there is negative marking in NEET, attempting those questions would be risky. If the student tries to attempt the doubtful questions, they are spending more time on those questions. Hence they are in the way of wasting their time and will also affect their confidence when they are not able to get the right answers. In NEET time is very important and students should do their best in saving the time for the questions they know they will be able to get full marks.

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IIB helps students to be successful in Medical World

As mentioned, multiple times, how important is the preparing for the entrance examination well in advance to get an entry into the medical world. At times some students try to prepare for the entrance examination on their own. Although some of them do crack the examination, they could have scored better if they had enrolled in a coaching class. These classes are experts in giving coaching and guidance, especially in preparing the students for the medical entrance examination.
The aspiring medical students in Nanded and Latur are fortunate enough to have the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) in their vicinity for full-time coaching. Students who are not from Nanded and Latur can avail of their services by joining their online coaching program. The reasons why IIB helps students to fare well in their examination and be successful are as follows.

Ideal Institute of Biology has a good amount of experience in preparing students

It was the year 1999 when the first branch of the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) was inaugurated. Since its inception, the whole aim of the institute was to prepare their students thoroughly for the medical world by guiding them expertly for the medical entrance examination. They have a vast experience of 20 years, which says a lot about the institute itself. An institute that stands still for long 20 years shows how good it is that medical aspirants trust this institute to coach them for the entrance examination.

Ideal Institute of Biology have experienced and qualified faculty

Faculty members reflect the quality of any institute; an average coaching class will hire average faculty while superior classes hire good quality faculty members. Since its inception, IIB knows the value of hiring qualified and experienced faculty members and have always hired the best of the lot for helping their students. As the faculty members are experienced, they know the trick of trade required to prepare their students for the examination to get an entry to the medical world.

Ideal Institute of Biology employs smart learning techniques for students

The institute, have observed the way medical entrance examinations have panned out over the years and developed a simple learning technique. These learning techniques will help students crack the entrance examination with flying colours. The learning methodology used by the institute ensures that the students are well prepared with the syllabus; these techniques help the students to learn more in less amount of time. The institute abides by the exclusive strategies in coaching their students and making sure that every student they have to enjoy the process of learning and amass not only the knowledge required for the examination but also learning to require for life.

Ideal Institute of Biology undoubtedly the best medical coaching in India. The institute is a perfect example of how a result-oriented coaching class should be. Be it the experience of the institute or the quality of their faculty member, everything the institute has is well thought out. The institute strives towards the success of its students who are serious about cracking the medical examination with flying colours.



How to do preparation for NEET UG 2020?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for undergraduate, is just a couple of months away. It will be conducted on 03rd May 2020 to provide admission for MBBS, BDS, and Ayush courses. Although the students preparing for NEET-UG 2020 would have started their preparation almost a year ago. These last few months should be ideally devoted to revising the topics and giving the mock test as much as possible. But still for the late boomers, here are some of the tips which can help them to prepare for the examination.

Be aware of the latest syllabus for the preparation

The first and foremost step for preparation for NEET UG 2020 is to be aware of the latest syllabus. You can know the latest syllabus through the various website or the best way to ask your mentor or guide or the coaching classes you have enrolled in to help you out with the curriculum. Once you get the syllabus, you will observe that there are topics which are overlapping with your boards. You can start preparing for those first then concentrate on the topics which are not there on your boards. Being aware of the latest syllabus will cut out the topics which you thought you might have to prepare and concentrate only on those topics which are there in the NEET Syllabus.

Have a dedicated Time table for studying for NEET-UG 2020

Now that the examination is a few months away, you should be wasting no more time and prepare for the examination with full force. At present, you should dedicate at least 10 – 12 hours every day for preparing for the examination. As you are aware of the syllabus, you should make a time table to cover the whole portion within a specific period and adhere to the time table strictly. On average you should devote at least 1.5 to 2 hours each day for each subject important for the NEET examination

Prepare your own personal notes 

While studying for the entrance examination, it is advisable that along with studying the topics, prepare your own personal notes. Personal notes will help you to understand the concept much better as these notes are based on your understanding of the topics. These personal notes will serve you as a cheat sheet while doing the last-minute revision during the examination. Also, preparing these notes will help you to memorize the topic better as you are writing it down.

Give as much Mock NEET Papers you can

Mere studying the syllabus won’t suffice for your preparation of NEET-UG 2020. Practicing the papers are equally important for your overall preparation of the entrance examination. Coaching classes regularly conduct mock tests for their students; you should never miss these mock tests. The mock test shows you the mirror, as in how prepared you are for the entrance examination. They will also help you in knowing the topics that need more time from your side to prepare thoroughly. It will also help you in your time management skills that are required during your examination.

Coaching classes also gives a lot of support to their student while preparing for the NEET examination. Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) is one such institute which is considered as one of the best coaching for NEET. The institute conducts NEET classes in Nanded and Latur. It helps their students to prepare thoroughly for the NEET entrance examination through their smart techniques.



Importance of medical mock test to Crack NEET and AIIMS exam

The road to becoming a doctor is difficult. There are sacrifices which one has to make not only while pursuing the degree but also after one becomes a doctor. While preparing for the entrance examination also takes a great deal of time. Before giving the main entrance examination, it is imperative that students should be thoroughly prepared and give multiple medical mock test as a part of their preparation. With the new circular in place wherein students have to provide only the NEET entrance examination to get admission in all the medical colleges in India, including AIIMS and JIPMER. Due to this, the student can totally focus on cracking only one major medical examination to get admission in a medical college.

Preparing for a medical entrance examination is usually done at least a year before the actual examination. A student should be ready with their study plan and follow the same without fail. One of the most essential things students have to do is to give as much mock test as possible. There are many advantages to the students if they give the mock test regularly; some of them are stated below.

Mock test will give you a perspective of your preparation

Giving the medical mock test will help the students know how prepared they are for the entrance examination. The results of the mock test will give students an idea about how much more preparation is necessary. Students will be aware of the topics they have to give more time studying and where there are required to revise the topic. By being informed about the preparations, students can modify their study plan and work accordingly to study the topics that need more attention.

Mock test helps in students Time Management

Students have to attempt 180 questions from Biology, including botany and zoology, physics, chemistry within 3 hours of time. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks, and for every negative answer, 1 mark would be deducted. It requires proper time management to finish the paper on time, and that too, with ample time for double-checking the answers. If students don’t give the mock test, they won’t be able to judge how much time they have to devote in each section to complete the paper and revise the answer. Many students complain about not finishing their paper after the actual examination; those are the students who didn’t give much thought about giving a mock test.

The mock test gives students the confidence to face the real entrance examination

Mock Test papers are based on the exact paper pattern of NEET; hence the more mock test students give, the more they are confident about giving the actual examination. These medical mock test gives a comfort level to the students about the paper pattern, they learn to manage their time well, and they are prepared well for the examination as well. Therefore, the mock test gives confidence to the students while appearing for the actual entrance examination as they have prepared really well for it.

Students who are really serious about cracking the NEET should at least enroll in a good coaching class. Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) is one of the best coaching institutes for AIIMS now NEET. IIB provides NEET classes in Nanded as well as in Latur. 



Tips for JIPMER Exam Preparation

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) is one of the premier medical institutes in India. Students who get admission in this esteemed institute is considered to be the creamy layer of the medical students. Earlier students had to give separate JIPMER examination for getting admission in this respectable institute. But from 2020, a circular is passed wherein students have to give only NEET and based on the score of NEET, and eligible students will be admitted in JIPMER. Although it is no longer separate examination students, need to study and prepare for getting admission to this institute. Here are some general tips which will be helpful for JIPMER exam preparation.

Know what to study

Knowing what to study is always going to be the first step for preparing for any examination, whether it is for your regular studies or preparing for any special courses. Not knowing the syllabus is equivalent to being like a headless chicken running everywhere without knowing where to go. The curriculum will give you a structure while studying, and students will be able to concentrate only on those topics which are required for the JIPMER Exam preparation. Being aware of the syllabus will also help the students in preparing their time table for studying based on it. This will help them to organize themselves while preparing for the examination.

Keep Practicing is ‘THE’ word

No amount of practice is enough practice, and the more students’ practice, the better for the JIPMER exam preparation. Students should keep on practicing the previous years’ question papers as much as possible. By doing this, students will get an insight into how well they are prepared for the examination. The students will be aware of the topics where they need to prepare more as they have scored less on those specific questions. The most important of all, they will be made aware of how important time management is while preparing for the entrance examination.

Give More time on topics in which the student is weak

One thing student has to keep in mind that in the medical entrance examination guesswork won’t help them in any way. NEET examination gives negative marks to every wrong answer given by students; hence they have to be thorough while preparing for the exam. Students should not keep the topics they find difficult for the last minute. They should devote more time to understand and practice those topics, which will help them during the examination. As said before, there is no room for guesswork in the medical entrance examination, and students should keep that in mind while preparing for it.

Health is Wealth

Preparation thoroughly for the entrance examination is crucial but not at the cost of the health. Students should eat nutritious food and keep yourself hydrated, especially while preparing for the examination. Many students stress eat while studying, and the choice of food in such a situation is always junk food. Replace these unhealthy foods with healthy options like fruits or nuts. Although it would be little difficult to switch, a slight push in your will power will help you in the long run.

Medical aspirants residing in Nanded and Latur are fortunate to have the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB). This institute is considered as the Best Medical Coaching in India. Students should enroll themselves in this institute if they want to prepare thoroughly for their JIPMER exam preparation.



Parental Guidance tips for the parents whose children are preparing for the Medical Entrance Exam

‘My daughter is a neurosurgeon’ or ‘My Son is a doctor in one of the best hospitals in the country,’ these are some of the thing’s parents love to brag about their child who has successfully pursued a career in becoming a doctor. While medical aspirants give their heart and soul in their journey of becoming a doctor. Parents are always their pillar of strength in this journey. Right from preparing for the entrance examination till they get their degree, parents take the journey with their children. The stress students go through while preparing for the examination, the same amount of stress parents go through seeing their child. Below are some of the parental guidance which would help not only the parents but also the students who are preparing for the Medical Entrance exam

Always help your child in staying positive and encourage them constantly

Preparing for the medical entrance exam is exhausting. Students, while preparing for the examination, start to lose hope as at times, they are not able to cope up with their studies. Parents, on their part, should motivate their children in whatever way possible to keep them on track with their studies. One of the important aspects of preparing for these medical entrance exams is that students need to be positive and confident about what they are doing. Parents should be encouraging throughout the preparation and even while awaiting the result. A little encouragement or any positive gesture or words from parents help the students boosting their confidence.

Help your child to be focussed and avoid procrastination

It is very easy for the students to lose their focus and procrastinate, looking at the vast syllabus they have to prepare. In this case, parental guidance plays a vital role as children apart from classes spend more time in the house preparing. Parents should be proactively taking an active part in helping them prepare by speaking to their child’s teacher; they can know the time table their child need to follow. Although parents should refrain from nagging their child, by being aware of the time table, they can keep tabs on the preparation and will call out their child when they are procrastinating. Take away their gadgets while they are studying and only give them back when they have completed what they need to complete for the day.

Avoid keeping high expectations from their child

Parents mustn’t have high, unrealistic expectations from their children. These expectations give added pressure to the child, and there are chances they might not be able to handle it properly. Have realistic expectations from them and make them understand it is not the end of the world if they fail to perform well in the examination. Many times, students’ failure is attributed to the high expectation of their parents. These high expectations result in students taking dire measures when they think they are not able to meet those expectations.

Students in Nanded and Latur have the opportunity to be part of one of the best coaching classes for these medical entrance preparations by taking admission to the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB). IIB not only conducts NEET classes in Nanded and Latur, but students from other parts of the country can avail their online learning programme which gives complete access to the advantageous study material prepared by their subject matter experts



How will be the Life at JIPMER?

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), one of the premier medical schools in India, is located at Puducherry. JIPMER is offering various medical courses like MBBS, B.Sc. (Nursing), B.Sc. (Allied Medical Sciences), MD/MS, MDS, M.Sc. (Nursing), M.Sc. (Allied Medical Sciences), Ph.D. Getting admission for the MBBS course of the JIPMER, the student has to clear the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) examination. Students’ performance in the entrance examination is the deciding factor to grant admission in JIPMER. After getting the admission, students have started their journey in getting the MBBS degree from one of the best institutes in India. But have you ever wondered the life at JIPMER? This article will give you a glimpse of what to expect in the JIPMER campus.

About the JIPMER Campus

JIPMER is spread across 192 acres of land. The campus consists of one administrative block, one academic centre, one nursing college, seven hospital blocks, seven accessory services buildings, and four residential complexes. Twelve broad types of medical, nursing and allied health science courses covering all disciplines in healthcare from basic to super specialty training are conducted. Not too many institutes in India offer a wide range of courses right from undergraduate courses to super specialty courses.

Top-Notch Academics in JIPMER

Being one of the most sought out medical institute means that it is also one of the best offering excellent academics. As per the alumni, the faculties of the institutes are personally involved with the students to provide quality education to the students. The students are supposed to attend the lectures regularly, and the students have to give a regular internal test, especially the first year and second-year students. By giving regular tests, the students will be serious about their studies, and their foundation would be strong.

Sports Activities

The management of JIPMER believes in the overall development of students; hence along with providing top-notch academics, they have provided various facilities to the students to keep them fit. The campus has a fully functional Gymnasium where students can let the heat out after a long day of attending lectures and clinical activities. They also have two basketball court who likes to play and relax a bit. There is one Tennis court available on the campus for the students residing there.

Spandan – Intercollegiate festival of JIPMER

Life at JIPMER is not all work and no play, they know to have fun as well. The students’ committee organizes Spandan every year. Spandan is the intercollegiate festival of JIPMER, which is usually held during late August or early September every year. This college festival is one of the biggest college festivals which is held in the southern part of the country. Spandan conducts activities right from sports, cultural, and literary.

To get admission to JIPMER, one has to clear the entrance examination; to do that, students need to take admission in the best medical coaching in India. IIB, with its 20 years of experience, is considered to be one of the best in medical coaching in Nanded and Latur. IIB also provides NEET classes in Nanded along with in Latur , which is beneficial for the students as well.