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How Many Hours to Study for cracking NEET, AIIMS?

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The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) will be conducted in the month on 03rd May 2020. Students giving the examination would be in full revision mode. Some of the students who were latecomers would be cramming the books in order to understand the topics thoroughly. When students have decided to give the examination, there is one question that everybody asks their faculty or their seniors. The question is how many hours to study for cracking NEET, preparing for the entrance examination starts from the 11th standard itself as some of the topics studied in the 11th standard is in the syllabus of the NEET examination.

Every student is unique in their ability to grasp things. For some students, just by reading the topic or the concept once is enough for them to understand and remember. However, for some students, they need to read and understand the concept more than once. Similarly, the time required for the student to study differs from student to student depending upon their ability to registers the concepts in their brain.

Focus on the Quality of the study

Instead of asking how many hours to study? The right question to ask oneself would be whether they have done quality study. On average, daily 6-9 hours since the beginning of the preparation of NEET is considered to be a decent amount of time which can be dedicated to studying. Nevertheless, once there are only a couple of months left then an average of 12 hours should be devoted to studying.

However, as said earlier, it can be that the student is studying for 12 hours. However, in those 12 hours, the student understood only a fragment of the topic; they are studying; then it does not serve the purpose. Instead, students should try to concentrate on the quality of the study they have done. At times it takes time to understand particular topics while there are topics which does not take much time to understand. Hence, students should be flexible while studying and should make adjustment accordingly in their time table. The relevant thing to understand is that it is not essential to know how many hours to study; what would be more useful is even if students have studied for three hours they did it with full concentration.

Focus on revising every day

While preparing for the NEET, the student needs to do a constant revision of the topics they have studied. The revision will help the students to remember the topic they have studied. Every day start the study hour with the revision of the topics done the previous day. Everyday revision of the topics will be beneficial for the students while they are giving the examination. Also, students should not shy away in giving as many mock tests as possible as this will give them an idea about how prepared they are for the actual examination.

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