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JEE Advanced 2024 Countdown: 10 Common Preparation Mistakes to Avoid

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JEE Advanced 2024, is scheduled for 26th May 2024. It is a very important exam for students who want to secure their position in the top IITs across the country. With a few months left in hand, the aspirant has started their last lap of preparation. In this article, we will present the top 10 mistakes the aspirants can make and how they could avoid those mistakes to ace the JEE Advanced 2024.

10 Common Mistakes by JEE Advanced Aspirants

When you aim to get a seat in the coveted colleges such as IITs there is no scope for the mistakes. Aspirants spend a lot of time in JEE Advanced preparation but some mistakes can greatly impact their performance. These are as follows:

  1. Lack of Planning

Clearing JEE Advanced with good marks demands an effective study strategy because the paper is not only based on the syllabus but also tests the student’s general awareness. Aspirants begin their preparations without a plan or strategy and suffer as a result. Therefore, candidates must devise strategies taking into factors such as the syllabus, topic weightage, strengths and weaknesses, and expert advice.

  1. Not Referring to the Latest Syllabus

The National Test Agency (NTA) which conducts the JEE Advanced examination released the updated JEE syllabus. The students should take into account the updated syllabus and prepare accordingly. Studying from the latest syllabus is significant as the exam paper will be based on it. Furthermore, it is important to go through the exam pattern and marking scheme before you start your preparation. 

  1. Overlooking the Fundamentals

This is the most common mistake a JEE aspirant makes. The students focus on the advanced topics instead of making a strong foundation. As per the analysis of the previous year’s papers, the JEE Advanced Exam checks the in-depth understanding rather than the superficial knowledge. Therefore the students should focus on developing a strong fundamental base for the JEE Advanced examination.

  1. Inefficient Time Management

The candidates should know how to manage time appropriately while attempting the question papers. Aspirants often spend too much time on a single question leaving other questions behind. This results in unattempted questions and affects the total score. Regular practice of mock tests can help you in this context.

  1. Neglecting Chemistry

While preparing for the JEE Advanced examination students neglect Chemistry as they find it a boring subject. But this is not true you can score well in the exam if you focus on the chemistry syllabus. From last year’s examinations, it is found that the Chemistry section comes out to be scoring and can be completed in 40 minutes leaving time for the other sections. Therefore, learning chemistry can help score more.

  1. Not Choosing the Right Study Material

Some students underestimate NCERT books and rely only on the additional study materials. The NCERT are the books that cover all the topics related to the JEE advanced in detail in easy language. Furthermore, some students have whiteness direct questions from the NECRT books in the JEE Advanced examination. Therefore, you should utilize NCERT books for the JEE Advanced preparation.

  1. Neglecting Negative Marking

Another common mistake made by the JEE Advanced aspirants is overconfidence while answering questions. It is important to choose the questions smartly and attempt only those questions for which you can answer correctly. You can also use trial and error methods to get the most appropriate answer, but in case you are not able to figure it out just skip the questions and move to the next one.

  1. Skipping Revision

Revision is a very important part of JEE Advanced preparation. You cannot memorise everything in a single-step learning process. Revising the topics results in memorisation. In addition to this, time-to-time revision helps you to assess your preparation and rectify the flaws that you are making. Furthermore, the revision also helps in an in-depth understanding of the topics making a strong foundation.

  1. Ignoring Health

JEE Advanced can become a life-changing experience for your career, but achieving success at the cost of your health is not a good idea. Most of the students skip meals and get irregular sleep leading to illness. Keep your health on the priority list. Follow a healthy diet plan and get proper sleep to be active and refreshed while preparing for the exam.

  1. Not Seeking Guidance

JEE Advanced is a challenging exam. Students find it difficult to comprehend some topics but refuse to seek guidance. It is advisable to get expert guidance in the form of a coaching institute, study groups, or online resources to get the doubt clarification and have a strong grasp of the subject. 


JEE Advanced acts as a crucial examination for engineering aspirants. By avoiding the mistakes discussed above one can score well in the JEE examination. Remember to believe in your abilities, stay focused, and be positive can lead to success in competitive examinations such as JEE. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can candidates avoid silly mistakes in the JEE Advanced 2024 exam?

Answer: The candidate can avoid making silly mistakes by seeking expert guidance, implementing strategies from toppers, using the right study material, and following a study schedule. The candidates are advised to study consistently with a strong determination to succeed in the JEE Advanced examination.

Which is the toughest section in JEE Advanced Paper?

Answer: The toughness of every section in JEE varies every year. Most of the students find the Mathematics section to be the toughest among all the three subjects, while, some students feel that the Chemistry questions are the trickiest one.

Can an average student top IIT?

Answer: Yes, an average student can also top the IIT. Most of the students in IIT are not from the topper background. It is their JEE preparation strategy and guidance that lead to success in such a competitive exam. Therefore, we can say that a smart learning technique is more effective to excel in exams such as JEE rather than having a topper background.

Is the syllabus reduced for JEE 2024?

Answer: Yes, NTA (National Test Agency) has updated the JEE 2024 syllabus as per the NCERT syllabus for classes 11th and 12th. The students can download the latest JEE syllabus by visiting the official website or just clicking here for the JEE 2024 syllabus.

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