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How to create a perfect Study Environment at Home for NEET 2021?

Home Blog How to create a perfect Study Environment at Home for NEET 2021?

COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of everyone including students. Many students are at their homes to prepare for NEET 2021 due to the pandemic.

The present scenario of events has mentally distracted you from the path of achieving your desires. 

There are thousands of students facing similar issues with concentration and their dreams evaporate from their eyes.

Not to worry, here are 5 tips that will help you keep up with your schedule while being at your home.

A well-organized study location

An organized mind shares an organized space. A quote to live by when preparing for NEET or for that sake any examination.

The utter dedication and concentration you need for NEET should be unmatchable. Therefore allot yourself a small space with all your needs at an arm’s distance.

Keep a water bottle and a small tub of snacks most preferably fruits and nuts to keep hunger at a bay.

Shift your focus more on NCERT

Again. This is a time of immortal advice and I could speak for hours on the importance of NCERT in NEET.

It is recorded that 90% of questions asked in NEET for biology is from NCERT. And the same is the case with physical and inorganic chemistry.

For physics, the majority of questions asked are based on NCERT examples, exemplar, and exercise questions. Also, the points to ponder and the blue boxes of knowledge in between chapters are of equal importance.

With shifting fashion in exam question orientation, theoretical questions are asked in physics mostly from NCERT.

Therefore, to score a perfect mark in physics, chemistry or biology; stick to NCERT and clear all your basics before shifting to other references.

Take mock tests frequently

Mock tests serve for the value by providing you major insights of your preparation period. You get to figure out your weaker sections and thrive to improve the same.

Securing low marks should never bar you from attempting tests. Because the main objective for conducting tests is to keep up with your preparation while making you realize the weak sections you need to polish more.

Dedicate a slot for revision

The vast syllabus offered in NEET makes it difficult for students to remember everything precisely. A survey conducted shows that students who revise frequently record the least case of anxiety and nervousness before the commencement of the examination.

Divide a slot of at least 3 hours dedicated for each subject. 

Make a realistic and achievable schedule

NEET 2021 is approaching at a bullet speed and with that point in hands, we know you are driven to make promises but aren’t able to perform the same. 

To keep demotivation away, design your study schedule in a proper way that does not exploit your energy and concentration. 

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