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Best way to improve your score in the NEET exam

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NEET of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is conducted every year for students aspiring to serve the nation with medicine.

Lakhs of students participate from India and abroad to unlock their gates to MBBS courses. 

With limited seat allotments in this nationwide examination, here we have 6 simple tips to polish your subjects and score the best in the NEET examination.

Understand the marking and ranking criteria

NEET ranking criteria are stimulated for a discrepancy-less marking and ranking of the candidate.

If two candidates score the same in the NEET examination. The tie is broken by:

  1. Score in Biology: The candidate scoring higher in biology is awarded a higher rank.
  2. Score in Chemistry: If the biology score is the same, applicants with higher chemistry scores are rewarded with a higher rank.

If the tie pertains: 

  1. No. of Incorrect answers are taken into account. The candidate with the least incorrect answer jumps a rank higher.
  2. If all the above criteria are cancelled, the older candidate is rewarded with, a higher rank.

Therefore, a step missed could pull you a hundred ranks below.

Spot your weaker section

As we have already discussed the importance of accuracy in NEET examination. Inspecting your weaker section and specific subjects is crucial. 

Clear your concepts and practice daily on the given concept you keep doubts away. 

Performing daily tests and revising theory is the best way to address and spot the weaker subject.

Devote more time practicing for subjects like physics and physical chemistry.

Also, students find organic chemistry a bit confusing so make sure you follow your teachers carefully if you find organic chemistry out of your league.

Devote 70% of your attention to NCERT

The bible and the holy path to flourishing in your NEET preparation strategy is following NCERT blindly. Don’t fall into the trap of extra baggage of reference material until and unless you have mastered the art of understanding and applying the NCERT curriculum.

Plan your study schedule

Planning and improvising your study schedule will help you leap towards your goal effortlessly.

Devote time to make a flexible and realistic schedule and add to the chapters and create a daily, weekly, and monthly intent.

Previous year papers and mock tests

Previous year’s papers give you a detailed idea of the curriculum and types of questions framed in the examination.

Sometimes the questions are directly pulled from NCERT, and later they juggle the same question to put you in a dilemma.

With MCQs, practice daily makes a point to look for questions already asked in the examination. And for more instances, join the best medical coaching in India.

IIB is currently offering online courses at a very futuristic price. 

Revise daily

The human brain tends to misplace information if it isn’t repeated at a frequent interval. Revise your best friend. Hit daily goals and repeat the same.

For eg.

If you studied transpiration today, make a point to revise the same the very next day.

Follow the same after an interval of 3 days, then the 7th day. The next revision will be scheduled for the 15th and 30th days.

Try this amazing technique for unbelievable results.


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