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Microbiology is a subset of science that is concerned with the study of microorganisms. These may be unicellular, multicellular, or acellular. As a medical aspirant, you need to understand how viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms can cause diseases within the human body. However, learning all the microbes and drugs involved to kill them can be a struggle. So, what’s the best way to study microbiology?

Some Tips to Help You Master Microbiology

You can use the following tips as a general guide that can help you plan your study approach:

1.     Get familiar with the syllabus

It may seem like the most obvious place to start, but it is surprising how few students actually check their syllabus thoroughly; think of your syllabus as a road map. Go through it and list out the topics that are related to microbiology. Then, use the list to get a good idea of areas you might already know and others you may need to study from scratch.   

2.     Preread, take notes and review

You may have heard this many times before, but giving a topic a brief reading before a class goes a long way to help you understand microbiology. Also, if you take NEET online classes for biology at coaching institutes like IIB, make sure to take running notes. They can be vital in cracking NEET. Reviewing the notes when you get any free time can also help you recollect the classes and retain the topics in your memory.

3.     Use helpful external resources

Another best way to study microbiology is to keep a great reference resource on hand that can help you clarify things quickly. Use visual aids like interactive images and videos to reinforce the facts you learn in your microbiology class. Make sure the resources are:

  • Engaging
  • Easy to understand
  • To the point
  • Have self-check questions and quizzes

4.     Or, create your own resources

If you cannot find any resources covering all the microbiology topics you need, try making them yourself. You can create flow charts, tables, or flashcards for quick revisions. For example, you can organize information by specific viruses, bacterias, or parts of the human body they typically infect.

If you are making flashcards, try doing this:

  • Write 1 to 2 facts per card
  • Create colorful illustrations (great for agar mediums, chemical tests, bug morphology, etc.)
  • Make comparison tables (can help with classification differences)
  • Create mnemonics

5.     Additional tip for medical aspirants

As a medical aspirant, we suggest focusing on specific topics like:

  • Types of microorganisms
  • Classifications of microorganisms
  • History of microbiology
  • Infectious microbes (symptoms, signs and pathologies)
  • Helpful microbes (those that help physiological functioning, lactobacillus, etc.)
  • Different fields of microbiology

Becoming familiar with these topics can put you in a solid test-taking position.

Learn the best way to study Microbiology with Experts

Microbiology need not be as intimidating as you think. By getting help from expert coaches, you can gain the confidence and belief that it is something you can master. With over 22 years of experience in coaching medical aspirants, IIB offers the best online classes for NEET in Maharashtra. Contact us today to find out more about how you can conquer microbiology and other medical subjects!