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Best Way to Study Physics for NEET

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NEET aspirants often find physics to be one of the most challenging subjects. When aspirants start learning physics, they have to be thorough with diagrams, formulas, and numerical problems. NEET physics consists of topics from CBSE class 11 and 12. The best way to study physics for NEET is to break down the syllabus into topics.

Let’s look at the weightage of Physics and its topics in NEET:

S.No. Topics Weightage(in percent)
1. Mechanics 35
2. Electrodynamics 27
3. Modern Physics & Electronics 11
4. Heat and Thermodynamics 9
5. Optics 11
6. SHM and Waves 7

What is the best way to study Physics for NEET?

Aspirants are advised to make a clear study plan, and they must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses in the subject. Here are some tips for preparing for NEET physics:

●      Connect the topics with the real world

The best way to start your preparation is by connecting the topics with the real world. Aspirants should refer to NCERT books as they have presented a connection between the concepts and their working most inherently.

Once aspirants start relating everyday physics to the topics they have studied, they will be able to have a deeper understanding of physics. There are various online classes for NEET available on youtube which break down the topics and explain students with diagrams in videos.

●      Experience physics in daily life

Another way to better understand physics is by bringing it into your life. Let’s take an example of Torricelli’s law, you can take a plastic bottle and fill it up with water and start poking holes at the surface of the bottle; this way, you can verify the law by yourself then and there.

Students can try doing such experiments to understand complex concepts better.

●      Make detailed notes

While preparing for NEET, students must prepare detailed notes on all the topics. Notes will help you revise faster and learn concepts in a more simplified fashion. Physics notes should include formulas, theorems and defined concepts.

Applicants having trouble preparing notes themselves can join Physics Classes in Nanded to make sure that they have detailed notes on each topic to better grasp the subject.

●      Solve previous year papers

Solving previous year papers will help candidates get an insight into the distribution of questions from the topics. Solving NEET physics questions will help students practice time-allocation while testing their concepts, increasing speed and accuracy.

●      Practice Maths

The NEET physics section includes various numericals that need to be solved correctly to get a perfect score of 180. Aspirants should try solving maths on a regular basis to fasten up their calculations. In order to apply the physics concept to calculation, aspirants must have confidence in solving math problems effortlessly.

Study methods like Feynman Technique, Space Practice and Pomodoro serve as the best way to study physics for NEET as it helps students keep the reactions and formulas in mind.

●      Revise regularly

And last but not least is regular revision. Revising topics periodically will help you be well-versed with the syllabus and concepts. Revising the chapter will help you memorize complicated formulas to solve the numerical mentally. 

Revision has proven to be the best way to study physics for NEET as it will help you spend more time on the weaker sections while strengthening the stronger parts.

Aspirants preparing for the NEET need not be apprehensive about the examination. The stress for doing well is natural, but the above-mentioned preparation tips will help you strengthen your core concepts in physics. If you have any doubts regarding any topics, you can always reach up to subject experts at IIB.