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Medicine is one of the most sought-after disciplines after 12th-standard students from the science stream. In addition to proving their eligibility through their board exams, the medical aspirants must appear and score qualifying marks in NEET. The exam is more complex than the board exams as it subjects the students to rigorous assessment. Consequently, top NEET classes in Kolhapur and Pune are gaining popularity by the year among students across Maharashtra.

What is NEET?

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a centralized common exam for students who want to build their careers in medicine. It is a criterion for admission to government and private medical colleges across India. Students willing to pursue their studies in medicine must enroll for NEET by filling an application, which opens during the first week of December every year.

What is the need for the best coaching centre?

NEET scrutinizes the ability of medical aspirants to comprehend a vast range of concepts of physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology. Teachers and parents witness students experiencing the high pressure of completing a massive syllabus, need not mention tough competition.

On top of it, the syllabus includes those of the 11th standard. Ongoing 12th-standard classes and examinations make it hectic for students to recapitulate the previous year’s syllabus. Coaching classes help students plan the flow of studies and smoothen the preparation.

Why join IIB?

Founded in 1999, the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) has a record of producing 15000+ medical professionals. Its branches in Kolhapur, Nanded, Latur, and Pune offer the best NEET classes in Maharashtra for students from all over India. Through NEET 2022, 41 medical aspirants who received coaching from IIB have made it to AIIMS. The attributes for their success rate are:

  • Experienced and proficient faculty

The teaching staff comprises eminent academicians from top institutes of the country. IIB’s excellent and innovative teaching methods using upgraded technology help students understand the concepts easily. IIB Faculty is friendly with their students and attends to every issue related to subjects. They always welcome students to bring up challenging questions and use them to teach whole classes.

  • Rigorous preparation

Students have multiple sessions and exams on every concept the staff assesses their progress. IIB reaches out to students with solutions to the difficulties with specific parts of the syllabus and helps them learn with easy methods.

Students are free to ask questions during classes or in doubt-solving sessions. The teachers held practice sessions to solve model question papers ensuring a thorough understanding of the concepts.

  • Best study materials

The institute produces excellent study materials based on the requirements for the exam covering all the information under every chapter. It helps students to revise the concepts taught in classrooms.

  • Supportive administrative staff

Students experiencing issues related to studies and career choices can approach our friendly administrative staff. IIB counsels the students and solves problems. For example, institutes adjust the timings of classes when there are clashes among class schedules. IIB remains in touch with parents, updates the progress, and guides them to support the preparation.