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Are you residing in Dharashiv? Are you a medical aspirant and want to excel in medicine? You might already know that you need to crack competitive exams like NEET. One of the subjects that are predominant for budding medical professionals is chemistry. IIB is one of the best coaching centers that offer chemistry classes in Maharashtra. Currently, it has branches in Pune, Latur, and Nanded.

Unlike other subjects, you cannot see atoms and molecules. Not even through a compound microscope. It is one of the reasons why many students find it difficult to understand chemistry. However, with effective teaching, it is possible to invoke students’ ability to visualize and understand the concepts.

Why should you choose IIB over Chemistry Classes in Dharashiv?

IIB is a renowned institute that offers the best medical coaching in India. One should choose the center for the following milestones it has achieved:

  • 23+ years of legacy

Since its inception in 1999, IIB has been known for its quality of education. Over 15000 students have made it through the entrance exams towards achieving their goals of becoming medical professionals.

  • Excellent, supportive, and experienced faculties

IIB is known for its eminent professors who are well-experienced in medicine and other related disciplines. In addition, the students can also avail themselves of high-quality study materials prepared. The faculties adopt different styles of teaching and solve problems with different methods.

  • Doubt solving sessions

The teaching staffs are always open to questions from students. Most students’ feedback barely fails to mention the friendly ambiance around the teachers. The classes are interactive, with practice sessions in which students are allowed to raise doubts in the middle of the sessions.

  • Excellent results

Every year IIB has a consistent outcome with one of the highest MBBS selection ratios. The cumulative efforts of teaching and non-teaching staff who are down to earth and truly caring for students have made this possible.

IIB can help students at different stages

Not all aspirants can crack the entrance exams for medical colleges on the first attempt. A possible reason is subject-specific difficulties. Chemistry could be one. But there is no need to give up their dream of thriving in the field of medicine. IIB has batches for repeaters that can focus on their shortfalls from their previous attempt and bounce back better.

Most students opt for coaching in their 12th standard. But the exams test students’ knowledge of the concepts from the syllabus of the 11th standard. IIB also offers classes for 11th-standard students as well as 12th-standard students.

It is better to study every day than to study a few days before an exam. Students who focus from day one in school excel better than those who read for just exams. If you have realized your passion for medicine as early as the ninth standard, IIB provides classes to the students and helps lay a firm base of the subject.

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