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NEET is one of the tough prestigious competitive exams for Indian medical aspirants. The most obvious question that strikes a 12th-standard student is their chances of getting into a medical college. The question makes sense as more than 18 lakh students appear for the exam. Out of the number, only about one lakh students gain eligibility to attend UG medical courses, including MBBS and BDS. It implies that students must perform beyond limits to secure a seat in medical colleges. It brings us to the importance of NEET coaching classes.

The number of medical aspirants appearing for NEET varies among different states. The state of Maharashtra records the highest number of registrations, with the average number appearing for the exam being 2.5 lacks. Most students come from a strong background in central education boards, reputed +2 colleges, and premier coaching institutes. It might raise the question of whom you should turn to. You do not need to worry. Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) offers the best NEET coaching Classes in Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. 

Some Valuable Approaches To Enhance NEET Preparation

NEET comprises four sections: physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology. Each section accounts for 50 questions, adding up to 200 questions. Students must answer 45 questions from each section to score 720 marks. Each correct answer fetches four marks. A wrong answer deducts one. 

A slight change in the exam pattern has been introduced this year. Each subject has two sections: A and B. Section A consists of 35 questions, and students must answer all of them, while section B has 15 questions. Students can answer any 10 out of 15 questions. 

Not all students are fond of all three subjects, which makes certain concepts hard to understand. Students should work more on these concepts and find creative methods to remember the topics for the exam. Solving more practice papers helps to strengthen their hold on the subjects. 

Solving previous years’ question papers helps students become familiar with the typology of questions and the weightage of each concept. It also helps them pick up the pace of reading and understanding questions, which helps them to answer questions faster. Ideally, students get an average of one minute per question. Hence, students must learn to go through the questions faster to answer as many questions as possible. 

Additionally, discussing complex topics with friends who are ambitious and determined to crack the exam help clarify doubts and remember them for longer. 

What Are The Merits Of Coaching Classes As Opposed To Self-Study?

  • Study Plan 

Self-study demands immense energy to outline the preparation as the syllabus for NEET is heavy, including those of 11th and 12th standard. Students must contain a complete list of chemistry, physics, and biology topics. Before beginning the preparation, they should analyze the weightage of each section and mark important topics based on previous question papers. 

Here, the students may misjudge the importance of certain topics and lack the mindset of the panel that frames question papers. Thus, they may dedicate more time and effort to concepts with less scope in the exam. 

Expert teachers in coaching centers have years of academic experience, and students can benefit from them through predetermined patterns. They help students identify potential concepts and learn them thoroughly to gain the ability to answer tricky questions. 

  • Time Management 

As the syllabus for NEET is heavy, most students fail to utilize the limited time available effectively. The lack of understanding of the difference in the weightage among the topics leads them to spend more time on simple concepts. The other reason for the failure is the necessity to spend more time comprehending the subjects. 

In addition, self-studying students take more time to recognize how the topics related among them and how to establish links between them to answer application-type questions. Coaching classes teach students how to comprehend different concepts. 

  • Study Material

Reading the entire stretch of textbooks is not plausible while preparing for competitive exams as it consumes time and disturbs the preparation schedule. Hence, experts recommend students make custom short notes that help with revisions. Self-made notes are not always 100% reliable. 

Coaching centers provide study materials in simple terms that are easy to understand. Besides, the subject matter experts prepare them meticulously, adding additional information that helps them score much better. 

  • Regular Assessment 

Self-assessment is a challenge wherein most students lack the best references for the evaluation. It is prone to wrong judgments backed by subjective opinions. It is detrimental to the preparation. 

On the other hand, coaching centers conduct regular tests to evaluate students’ level of understanding. The teaching expertise has the added advantage of the potential to identify the student’s weak points. Thus, the tutor can find the setbacks and help students work on them before it goes unnoticed or recurs.  

How Can IIB Help You?

IIB carries the legacy of producing over 15,000 medical professionals over the past 23 years. It is known for teaching medical aspirants a sense of excellence and ethical value and training them for the exam. 

The tutors in the institute are subject experts passed out of top engineering and medical institutes in India. They have years of experience in related industries and teaching professions. They are friendly and open to help students understand concepts. 

To clear students ‘ doubts, NEET coaching classes in IIB are highly interactive and student-centric. Additionally, students can approach teaching and administrative staff and seek guidance related to exam preparation. 

Students can make the best out of the top-quality infrastructure, including the library, available at the institute. The support staff are friendly and allow students to use the facility as students will. 

The tutors regularly assess every student, keep track of their progress, and suggest necessary changes in the method of preparation. Students also receive adequate practice and doubt-clearing sessions. 

Wrapping Up!

The intense competition for a limited number of medical seats demands the aspirants to perform in the exam exceptionally, aiming at the maximum. In-depth knowledge of the subjects and analytical abilities is elemental for cracking NEET. Coaching classes work wonders in mending the understanding and building the confidence of students who face the exam. Top-quality NEET coaching classes at IIB help build a strong foundation for a career in the medical profession.


Q. How many times can I appear for NEET?

Answer: Medical aspirants can take any number of attempts, as DGHS has recently removed the restrictions on attempts.

Q. What is the age limit?

Answer: Any candidate who has passed +2 or an equivalent course from a recognized board can appear for NEET, regardless of age.

Q. What is the right time to start the preparation for NEET?

Answer: Most commonly, students begin to prepare towards the end of 11th standard. However, the earlier the students realize their passion and set goals better the results are since the NEET syllabus includes topics taught in 11th standard, and preparations from the beginning of 11th standard are better than starting late.

Q. What are the mediums of question papers?

Answer: Candidates can opt for the NEET exam in regional languages. Still, they must appear in the particular state of the region. For example, a candidate residing in Delhi cannot take the exam in Kaneda, the regional language of Karnataka.

What is the duration of the NEET exam?

Answer: All candidates get 3 hours and 20 minutes to answer 200 questions.

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