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National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, popularly known as NEET is the entrance examination given by all the medical courses and dental courses aspirants. The students who qualify after giving the NEET examination get admission in Government or Private colleges, as per the percentile the students got in the NEET examination. From the year 2019, the NEET examination will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). National Testing Agency will provide the results to the Directorate General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) used to conduct this test until 2018.

When is the examination NEET conducted?

Earlier when the testing agency was The Central Board of Secondary Education, the examination was conducted once a year. Since the change of the testing organization to The National Testing Agency, the examination will be conducted twice a year from 2019. The examinations will be conducted in February and April. Students have the liberty to appear both times. For admission, the best score amongst both the exams will be taken into consideration.

The syllabus of NEET

To exhibit that there is consistency across the country, the Medical Council of India has recommended the syllabus for NEET. This syllabus has been established keeping in mind the relevance of different areas in medical education. As per the Medical Council of India, the syllabus of NEET would comprise of questions from subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from class 11 and class 12.

Coaching for NEET

As there are lakhs and lakhs of students who attempt this exam for getting admission to good medical and dental colleges; Coaching for NEET has become necessary. To beat the ever-growing competition, the aspirants enroll themselves in a very competent coaching institute. The competition is so high that one can find the NEET Coaching Institute at the remotest place in India. Coaching Institute will make sure that the students are well versed with the concept of every topic, which is there in the syllabus.

Students are confident while giving the exam if they have enrolled in a good coaching institute

Coaching Institute guides the students in learning and revision the syllabus for NEET. The coaching institutes make their students practice the concept and the questionnaire multiple times. By practicing the concepts over and over again, the students become confident about the subject. They are able to answer the questions without making any mistakes.

Coaching institutes help the students in understanding the dos and do not while giving NEET exams 

As coaching institutes are the experts in the NEET exam, they are well aware of the paper patterns and the scoring system of the examination. Being an expert, the institute will guide the students in solving the question papers effectively. There are students who, despite knowing that every wrong answer attempt will cost them one mark from their score, will attempt the questions that they do not know. Coaching institutes will give their students enough guidance and practice that they will not attempt the questions they do not know.

One of the reputed NEET classes in Nanded is IIB for the medical aspirants. IIB is a very experienced coaching institute which trains and assists their students in NEET examinations. Many students who enrolled in this coaching institute are proud students of reputed medical and dental colleges in India.