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How to study for NEET in 1 Year?

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NEET is one of the most awaited examination for all the medical aspirants. They usually start preparing for this examination as soon as they get admission in their 11th standard. The students start preparing so early because the syllabus of the NEET covers topics of both 11th and 12th standards. Hence, it gives them a competitive edge if they begin the preparation soon. For those who didn’t prepare for the NEET examination early and have one year in hand. Here is some guidance as to how to study for NEET in 1 year.

The students need to know the syllabus

The first step in studying NEET in 1 year is that students should know the syllabus of the NEET entrance examination. They need to be aware of the topic which they have to prepare for the examination. By being aware of the syllabus, students will be informed of the topics they need to study, which will help them to prepare well.

While studying try preparing own notes

After knowing the syllabus, students should proactively make a study plan for themselves and strictly adhered to it. By having a study plan student will have a structure in their study pattern, which will help them study the portion of NEET in 1 year. While studying students should make it a habit of making their own notes by referring to the NEET Study material, this will help the students the understand the topic better. As they are writing the notes in the way they have understood the topic, it will be easy for them to remember.

Revision and mock test

Nothing can replace revision and mock test. The more you revise and give the mock test, the better. Revision makes the student keep the topic fresh in their mind, while the mock test will help the students to know how well they are prepared for the examination. According to the result of the mock test, they can give emphasis to the topics that need more concentration on their part.

Be prepared to work hard

To finish studying NEET in 1-year students should be mentally ready to work really hard for it. The students need to study 2 years’ worth syllabus in one year. Student needs to work hard irrespective of whether they are preparing for the examination in one year or two years.

Students have to be focused and disciplined

The student appearing for the NEET exam should have complete focus and absolute discipline. They should stick to their schedule and control the distraction like going out for a party, excess social media, excessive watching of Television at least for one year if they want to clear the exam with flying colours.  

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