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How to Avoid Negative Marking in NEET?

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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is just around the corner. Students have to start their preparation at full swing. These couple of months should be dedicated to revision and clearing any doubts the students have with the guidance of their mentor and teachers. Students need to pull up their socks and should be well versed with the concepts and understanding of the syllabus they have to prepare for the examination. One of the things that the students need to keep in mind that there will be negative marking in NEET if they get the answers wrong. This is one of the crucial things that students should always keep in mind while preparing for the NEET examination. Some of the things that students should do to avoid negative marking are as follows.

Read the Questions Thoroughly

The first thing students should do while attempting the questions is to read the questions thoroughly if it means to read more than two times, so be it. Usually, in the anxiousness, students fail to understand the question correctly and tend to answer it incorrectly as well. This will be a reason for getting a negative marking in NEET.

Read the Multi Choices Properly

Like the questions, the students should make it a point to go through the answer choices properly as well. In Multiple choice questions, the answers are deliberately given a similar type of choices to confuse the students. At times the answers can be all of the above. Hence the students have to read the options of the questions also properly before answering the question to avoid the negative marks.

Attempt the easy questions first

After the students get the question paper, they should skim through the whole question paper first and identify those question which is easy for them, and they are confident about the answer. Attempting those questions first, which are easy for them will give them the confidence boost they need and would help them to phase out the stress. If they start by answering the tough question will make the students stress a lot while attempting those questions. As their brains are already worked up for the tough questions, they may tend to give wrong answers even if they are confident about the questions earlier.

Avoid Attempting doubtful questions

In NEET when in doubt, do not attempt them. As there is negative marking in NEET, attempting those questions would be risky. If the student tries to attempt the doubtful questions, they are spending more time on those questions. Hence they are in the way of wasting their time and will also affect their confidence when they are not able to get the right answers. In NEET time is very important and students should do their best in saving the time for the questions they know they will be able to get full marks.

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