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How to prepare for NEET in class 12 along with board exams

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Medical aspirant’s biggest challenge is to balance NEET preparations with class 12 board exams. It is essential for NEET candidates to do well in the board exams as well as in NEET. The whole task of balancing between board exams and NEET can be very hard if not planned efficiently. The syllabus of NEET includes the topics from class 11 and class 12 and it is good to start preparing from class 12 to minimize the pressure.

Planning an Effective Approach

Candidates should find a way that will suit them in order to go through both the board exam syllabus as well as NEET. The pattern of both exams and the required preparation should be ideally planned.

Preparing Timetable 

Candidates should make a strict timetable in order to balance board and NEET preparations. Time should be efficiently managed between regular classes, school assignments, and self-study. A rigorous effort is needed to maintain that timetable and study for both exams.

Reading the Right Books 

Choosing and referring to the right books and authors can be very useful in order to prepare for both board and NEET exams. NCERT books are to be mainly followed in order to balance the board exam and NEET preparations. NCERT books of class 12, as well as class 11, are very important. Other good authors can also be very useful for preparation.

Practice what you have studied

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. It is very important to practice and evaluate your performance by giving as many mock tests and online test series which give instant results that can help in monitoring your progress.

Reading concepts for board exams can help in NEET

The questions asked in board exams are concept-based which are subjective, clarity of these concepts can be very useful in the objective type questions in NEET.

Making notes and revision

Making short notes in a notebook and highlighting important points is an essential part of the preparation phase. For objective-type questions in NEET, try to find important points that can be asked in MCQ. Concepts and theories from NCERT books are very important to read and understand.

Practicing numerical-based questions

Both board exams and NEET entrance have numerical-based questions. Inboard exams it is required to write every step of the numerical. In NEET exams it is necessary to achieve the correct answer in order to choose from the given options which also requires the whole process for the candidate.

Wrapping it up: 

We admit that managing both your board exams and NEET preparation might seem a hell of a task at some point. But, in order to achieve your goals, you just need to focus and follow the tips mentioned above. For better results, we suggest you enrol yourself in the best coaching institute for Medical; IIB. This way you will get proper guidance and direction throughout your preparation.

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