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How to prepare for NEET Exam and class 12 board exam together?

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A balance between the NEET preparations with the class 12 board exams is the major problem for the applicants. NEET candidates must perform well in board examinations and get a fair score during the NEET Exam. This makes it tough to balance the analysis between the board and NEET 2021. Because the NEET syllabus combines class 11 and class 12 NCERT syllabi, class 12 NEET 2021 should be started ideally to lessen the load of balancing board examinations and NEET preparation. 

How to manage the NEET exam and class 12 board exam simultaneously?

A misunderstanding which has been carried over for many years; only Class 12 offers the Board’s examination substance. That does not happen. Anything taught in 11th grade will give the foundation for the courses for next year. To acquire good scores on class 12

boards, you must be thorough on the subjects of class 11.

The time for self-study is one of the biggest problems a candidate faces to prepare for both examinations. Keep your timetable dynamic to ease this scenario. Prepare two timetables, one which is focused on NEET preparation for class 12 boards and the other. The following important event allows you to switch between the two.

For example, you can move to the timetable for class 12 boards one week before your pre boards. Shift back to the NEET timetable for

preparation after the test is finished.

Advantages of preparing for NEET exam along with class 12 board exam

Questions put in NEET are entirely objective for multi-choice issues, but both

objective and subjective issues are the subject of the class 12 examination by

the board. Applicants need to ensure that they have a full grasp of the

essential elements, a way that helps to answer both questions.

Tips to prepare for NEET and class 12 board exam together

  • As well as preparing NEET boards, applicants will have to design a timetable for their study, which will incorporate regular classroom time and self-study. To study for both examinations, candidates must also make strenuous efforts.
  • Self-analysis is the central part of how the board and NEET is balanced. The auto analysis technique for the class 12 board examination is different from the NEET methodology. When preparing for boards of class 12, candidates must endeavor to solve long sample papers of past years and question papers. In NEET 2021, although in addition to resolving the NEET question papers for the previous year, the candidates must also carry out mock tests.


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