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Established in 1999, Best Institute for NEET Chemistry Coaching – IIB is a reputable training organization aiming to train aspiring doctors to pass competitive medical exams such as NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER. The Institute is one of the pioneer and similar coaching institutions in Maharashtra to provide the best medical guidance. 

To date, IIB has maintained the status of Best Institute for NEET Chemistry Coaching by keeping an excellent record of shaping more than 15,000 medical professionals and is a name to consider when looking for the best medical training in India. IIB has now launched its physics, chemistry, and biology training to provide a one-stop service for students preparing to enter medicine. 

In addition to purely professional training institutions, IIB annually awards scholarships worth 4.8 million rupees to students who belong to socially disadvantaged groups. Since its establishment, IIB, the best coaching institute for NEET, has been recognized for its unique learning and teaching methods and well-structured teaching techniques.

Introduction about NEET Chemistry

NEET chemistry is divided into three parts: physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. Compared with biology and physics, chemistry is considered the highest-scoring part. According to the above trends, almost 36% of the weight of NEET Chemistry is allocated to physics and inorganic chemistry, and 28% of the weight is allocated to the organic chemistry program. Therefore, to improve your chemistry preparation, careful planning is essential, considering all your strengths, weaknesses, and test preparation time. 

How difficult is it?

According to the NEET 2020 test file, there are – 

Nine difficult questions

Twenty-two medium questions

Fourteen simple questions

Most of the questions come from NCERT sources, and organic chemistry stands out for many questions.

Is Chemistry Coaching Necessary For NEET?

  • It is a mistake if one believes that a prestigious competitive exam like NEET can only be cleared by selecting a professional mentor. The most crucial factor is the student’s preparation, hard work, and confidence on the day of the test. 
  • It is often difficult to obtain all of the necessary facilities, so most students eventually choose tuition. Furthermore, unless you are studying at a training centre, you may be unaware of current basic concepts, models, or courses. Many students prefer to study at a training centre rather than on their own because of the competitive environment.
  • In May 2021, IIB began chemistry training. IIB has always been a popular choice for students with medical dreams, combining the knowledge and skills of the Nanded and Latur divisions.
  • IIB provides a team of cooperative teachers with many years of experience through tutoring course packages in physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • Not only do they understand the intricacies of their respective disciplines, but they also have a thorough understanding of competitive examinations and the issues that arise in them.


  • IIB lecturers are highly focused on results. They attach great importance to using the most straightforward learning techniques to learn more in less time. 
  • Students study under the guidance of highly qualified experts in the field and can use intelligent study skills. 
  • IIB has a fully equipped campus with a computer lab and student reading room, where students can study full time and prepare in the right direction. 


IIB Director Dashrath Patil said: “We use our 20 years of experience to help students pass excellent competitive exams and get admission to well-known medical schools by using our experience, knowledge, and intuition. IIB has branches in Latur and Nanded to prepare local students and help them achieve good results in competitive examinations.”