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Essentials for developing the time management skills for medical examinations

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Time management is one of the essentials skills which is required in our day to day life. Whether it is completing a project or reading a book or learning a new skill, everything requires excellent time management skills. Almost all of us right from our life as a student has realised the importance of time management. While giving professional examination, especially examination for the medical entrance or management entrance test, time management is very crucial. Time management for NEET exam, AIIMS exams, or JPIMER exams is very crucial.

During the examination, we have to complete our paper within two or three hours. If students do not manage their time smartly, they will end up not finishing their examination paper. By giving an incomplete paper, this affects the overall score during the semester hence their ranking. In professional entrance exams, there are negative marking for every wrong answer the student’s mark. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to develop this skill set in order to attempt all the questions given in the examination. Some of the essentials to develop the time management for NEET exam, AIIMS exam, JPIMER exam, or any other examination is given below.

Decide how much time to dedicate each section

NEET examination syllabus comprises of multiple-choice questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There will be 180 multiple-choice questions which will have negative marking for every wrong answer marked. The students have to decide which section will take the maximum time and which one take relatively less time to solve. As per that, students should attempt those sections as per their convenience. Alternatively, students can do the time management for NEET exams by dividing the total hours of the examination and dedicating a certain amount of time for each section as per their comfortability.

Read the examination paper and plan the paper accordingly

As soon as the examination paper is given to the students, they should give 10 to 15 minutes in browsing through the entire questions papers and accordingly plan. Once the student understands the entire question paper, it is relatively easy to plan the way to attempt all the questions within the stipulated time.

Attempt the questions which the students are confident about first and attempt rest later

The students should attempt those questions first, which they are confident about. By doing that, they have are sure they are getting the marks for those questions. If they leave those questions for later chances are there that because of the nervousness, they might mark the wrong answer and repent later. Starting the examination with the questions the student familiar with will help them in thinking positive. With this positive approach, they can attempt the rest of the paper.

Practice makes a man perfect

In order to be the master of time management for NEET exam, the student needs to practice a lot. No amount of practicing the mock test is less. The more one practice, the more they know the area of improvement, and they can work on it. Practicing the question paper will also help the students in their confidence as well.

Ideal Institute for Biology (IIB) gives Best coaching for NEET examinations. The institute makes sure that the students can manage their time effectively and hence give their best in the examination. IIB develops the time management skills of their students by working with them closely and helping them practicing the papers. This makes the students confident in giving the exams without the fear that they have to leave the questions due to poor time management skills.


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