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Effective Study Plan for NEET 2022

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The NEET 2022 exam will most likely begin in the first week of August. Students should start preparing for the exam at least two years in advance, starting with Class 11. With less than a year until the exam, candidates should follow an effective study plan for NEET 2022 exam preparation. Also, one must choose the best coaching institute for medical to ace the NEET exam.

Effective Study Plan for NEET 2022 – how to start?

Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the NEET exam. Like all admission exams, NEET 2022 exam requires rigorous preparation. Aspirants must be thorough with the syllabus and exam pattern before starting their NEET 2022 preparation. It is always best to create an effective study plan for NEET 2022.

Here are some helpful NEET 2022 exam preparation tips to be kept in mind while preparing for the upcoming NEET exam.

●      Be well-versed with the syllabus

As NEET is a highly competitive exam, you must thoroughly study the comprehensive syllabus. A study plan for the NEET 2022 exam without a thorough understanding of the exam’s syllabus is of no use. The candidates must also have sound knowledge of the topics asked in the test regularly. Thus, understand the exam syllabus as a base to plan out how you want to start your preparation.

●      Plan your time effectively by understanding the exam pattern

After deciphering the NEET 2022 syllabus, the next step is to go through the weightage chart. This step includes checking the number of questions asked each year to allocate time accordingly. Thus, keeping the weightage in mind about the time required for preparation allows you to organize your time more effectively. Before you begin studying for the NEET, you must first create a detailed timetable. Make a daily and weekly list of subjects to cover in your planner, and check your schedule once a month to ensure you are on the right track.

●      Choose good books

While the NCERT lays the foundation, it is essential to choose the best study resources. Some coaching institutes and e-learning platforms provide their study material, and candidates use them as references.

  1. DC Pandey, HC Verma in Physics
  2. O.P. Tandon in Chemistry and
  3. MTG and Trueman in Biology

The above-listed books are some of the insightful books one can choose for NEET 2022. One can even go through e-learning platforms for reliable resources like NEET video lectures and NEET study materials.

●      Make your short study notes

Make it a habit to write down short notes on good questions, essential topics, suggestions, tricks, and general formulas made in past NEET preparation sessions must be included in the notes. This way, you can create customized shortcuts and keep track of the mistakes you make frequently.

●      Make time for revision

Revisit each chapter when you have completed it. It’s tough to remember everything you have learned. In the days leading up to your exam, make sure you schedule some time for revision. Depending on your abilities, set aside the maximum amount of time per day for studying.

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