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Aspirants looking to take the NEET examination should be mindful of the importance of the subject Biology holds regarding weightage and preparation. Biology is a subjective topic because it requires students to answer questions in a lengthy theoretical manner.

NEET is a competitive test that consists of 180 questions altogether. Of which, the biology portion covers 50% of the paper. The syllabus for Biology carries an equal distribution of questions from classes 11th and 12th. Thus, this makes it the most important subject of all. Since it is theoretical, many students find it difficult to learn quickly and remember it effectively. Tackling this subject under the guidance of experts from the best coaching institute for medical becomes the need of the hour.

Biology classes for NEET have proven to be one of the best resources to help students keep a head-on approach when dealing with complex and hard concepts. It empowers the students with necessary equipment such as expert guidance, approachable professors, access to multiple mock exams, a sense of accountability, companionship, support of fellow aspirants, one-on-one interaction with professors, reliable study materials, and so on.

The first and foremost step toward starting your NEET preparation has a direction that guarantees the desired results. It is important to lay out a plan that best suits your schedule. If you think your retention power is optimal during a particular time of the day, include the most important subject in that time frame. 

The best coaching institute for medical gives the students a structure to follow. This revolves around the following-

  • Backed by experts

The techniques and ways of teaching employed by experts enable students to grasp difficult concepts easily. For Biology, having a well-versed coach in all the topics is very effective and efficient. Professors can address your doubts and give you tips & tricks to crack the examination.

  • Access to mock tests

Practice will help students perfect the concept and terminologies that are in abundance when it comes to Biology. With access to mock tests, students can gain the confidence required to ace the exam.

  • High-quality study material

This is very significant for a subject like Biology. The study material can consist of a glossary of important terms and topics that can facilitate effective revisions and save time.

Why choose IIB?

With 23+ Years of Legacy, IIB strives to deliver the best quality resources with the backing of excellent, supportive, and experienced faculties.

IIB’s effective teaching techniques and excellent management involve but are not limited to doubt-solving sessions, top-quality study materials, mock tests, etc. An institute with a world record, IIB has consistently managed to give excellent results over the years. This is evident from the highest MBBS selection ratio that the institute enjoys.

Contact us if you wish to learn from the best Biology classes for NEET.