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Best Way to Study Chemistry for NEET

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Every year crores of students all over the country aspire to clear NEET and become doctors. A noble profession, becoming a doctor is considered as the greatest success one can achieve through their hard work and dedication. An important subject in NEET is Chemistry. A subject that deals with the intricacies and interplay of atoms and molecules, what is exactly the best way to study Chemistry for NEET?

The best way to study chemistry is to start from its basics and build your way up towards more complex concepts. Chemistry can be broadly classified into physical chemistry and organic chemistry. Physical chemistry deals with the properties of atoms and molecules, their interactions with different environments, and the transformational properties that they possess. On the other hand, organic chemistry deals with compounds and molecules that involve carbon atoms. Carbon is a very versatile element and can form many different compounds. This creates numerous aspects that have to be studied; the collection of these aspects forms the discipline of organic chemistry.

Best Way of Studying Chemistry for NEET

Let us break down the strategy into two parts, Physical and Organic Chemistry

1. Physical Chemistry

When studying concepts of physical chemistry, they relate to the atomicity and the periodic properties of elements. Maintain a note of all the interactions that different atoms have with each other. For example, Group 1 elements readily react with Group 17 elements to form diatomic molecules. These properties can help you accurately predict the outcomes of chemical reactions and even predict the changes that an atom will undergo in a given environment containing certain compounds. As you come across different elements, it would be highly efficient to have a sticky note made on each element that details their properties. In the long run, it allows you to refer to these notes and understand what changes or reactions you are studying.

2. Organic Chemistry

Understanding organic chemistry is considered the best way to increase your chances of a better performance in NEET. Organic chemistry is as interesting as it is complex. Different types of reactions occur in different situations. Thus the best way to understand and learn these reactions is to create a detailed bullet point note, the rules they follow, and the changes that occur in them. Another note that you should create is one that contains all the different types of synthesis reactions that you come across. Halogenation reactions to create Alkyl halides, or Friedel Craft acylation to create Aromatic Ketones, etc., should be noted down as they help in solving conversion problems that require you to convert one organic compound to another.

In your journey to study chemistry for NEET, you do not have to travel alone. Often a few concepts occur that take a lot of time to understand and decipher. A better way to prepare for chemistry for NEET is to take the guidance of experts trained in the field. One of the best coaching institutes for medical you can find is IIB. With experts in different fields of chemistry, at IIB’s chemistry coaching classes, students get trained using smart learning methods that ingrain in them the knowledge and skill they require to master chemistry and other subjects for NEET.