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Students who take up Biology along with Physics and Chemistry in Class 12 often plan on establishing a successful career as a Doctor in the immediate future. To ensure the success of their plan, they have to clear the first step, that of clearing NEET, an inordinately competitive entrance test that requires a lot of hard work, extensive study, and practice to crack. Joining one of the best NEET coaching in Maharashtra will be a great start.

NEET Aspirants not only need proper guidance and extensive, relevant study material but a strategic approach to successfully clearing one of the toughest medical entrance exams in the world.

Join IIB For The Best NEET Coaching In Maharashtra

Among the number of NEET coaching institutions, the Best Coaching Institute for NEET, in fact, the Best NEET Institute in Maharashtra, is IIB.

● Expert Mentors

A team of experienced and highly knowledgeable faculty members, mentor the students along the path of academic excellence. Mentoring and aptitude enhancement of aspirants begins as early as grade 11, moving along finally to grade 12.

The IIB- Pune / Nanded / Latur Brancheshave a team of very experienced faculties from major universities, all experts in their field and renowned for their teaching expertise.

● Study Material

The experienced faculty guide the students along the course, making them aware of the NEET syllabus and paper pattern. Based on the exams of previous years an approximate weightage of topics is arrived at and explained to aspirants. This makes the study more focused.

Their NEET Course offers interactive NEET coaching classes with regular examinations, discussions, and doubt-clearing sessions, making the successful clearing of NEET a hard-won reality.

● Learning Experience

The faculty pay individual attention to the student’s learning experience and enhance their knowledge retention through interactive and personalized sessions in small batches. To make their coaching more effective, the faculty membersextend personalized mentorship to all their students. They mitigate doubts with the help of separate doubt clearance classes.

● Performance Evaluation Of Students

A tradition of excellence in education is not only an integral part of our mission but also our passion. We provide a balanced environment of counseling, mentoring and rigorous academics which go a long way in enhancing the inherent academic capabilities of aspirants, motivating them to give their best to succeed in the competitive exam of NEET.

Weekly exams are taken regularly based on the topics taught. Reports of these are shared with the parents and guardians regularly to keep them abreast of the performance and progress of their wards.

IIB, The Best NEET Institute In Maharashtra

IIB has more than two decades of experience as a successful coaching centre. A highly experienced and expert faculty imparts quality education. Aided by excellent management, consistent, brilliant student results have been observed over the years. In fact, 24+ students coached for NEET by IIB got selected for AIIMS last year in 2021.

Besides this, a world record number of NEET aspirants secured full marks of 360/360 in Biology, which is a testament to the stellar NEET coaching imparted by IIB, making it one of the best coaching institutes for cracking NEET.

IIB provides the best  NEET coaching in Maharashtra. With a curriculum attuned to NEET exam patterns and recent trends supplemented with top-notch study material curated by NEET experts.