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Medical aspirants appearing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET by now would be doing their revision. However, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test has been postponed due to the unprecedented event that is taking place all over the world. However, it does not mean that students should stop their preparation. By now the medical aspirants should be revising what they have studied since the beginning. The Best NEET Coaching Classes in Maharashtra would be encouraging students during this grim time. The coaching classes should motivate and counsel the students in staying on track for their impending examinations. Following are the ways through which coaching classes are trying to keep the students on track in their preparation.

The Coaching Classes have started with online classes

Desperate times call for desperate measures; the best coaching classes in Maharashtra is taking the help of the technology and conducting online classes. The students are also not missing out in their studies as they are not missing any classes. The classes are conducted using those online applications which support the video conferencing of more than ten people at a time. The professors conduct the online classes from their home, and they teach the students by giving them regular lectures or the doubt sharing sessions as the case may be.

The professors or the mentors are available over a call

As the classes are not open for the students to come and clear their doubts or understand a specific concept directly from the professors. The best coaching classes in Maharashtra will make the professors and the mentors available on the phone to clear the doubts of the students. This way, students do not miss out while doing their preparation of NEET.

Providing counselling to the students 

During these times, it is vital to for the students not to panic over these situations which no one has control over. The situation will activate rumours and other false pieces of information about the examinations and the dates. Students should only trust the official announcement regarding all these. These uncertain times also leads to anxiety amongst the students; the coaching classes should help the students in providing them with the required counselling. This will help the student to stay focused in their preparation despite the postponement.

The Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) has NEET classes in Nanded and Latur. They have come up with IIB Embibe which enables the students to take NEET mock tests which have immensely helped the students in their preparation. IIB Embibe is used not only used by the students of NEET Classes in Latur and Nanded but can be used by any students who have registered for this service. The IIB Embibe is said to improve the score in NEET with India’s most advanced and cutting-edge test analysis. The test score of the students are analysed thoroughly, and the students will be made aware of their conceptual weaknesses. The students are also helped in improving their scores with the help of their powerful score improvement packs.