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NEET is one of the most cut-throat competitive exams in India. However, in the year 2022, there were 18+ lakhs of students applied, cracking the previous record. Medical field aspirants must give this national entrance exam for acceptance into the best Indian universities. With the increasing competition, getting a 600+ score is becoming common. Hence, preparation for this exam must be equally rigorous for a desirable result.

Coaching classes are beneficial only if the person is particular about engineering and medicine as a career. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time, energy, and money to enroll in coaching sessions only to discover that engineering and medicine are not their strong suits. Enrolling your child in the best coaching for NEET in Maharashtra can be quite beneficial if the student is sure of the course of study they wish to pursue.

A reputable coaching institute such as IIB can help you outperform your expectations and gain admission to the most renowned medical universities in the country.

What does IIB have to offer?

Found in 1999, IIB has successfully nurtured 150000 medical students with outstanding results and admissions to renowned universities across India. Our unique, result-oriented coaching makes us the best coaching institute for medical in Maharashtra. We provide:

  • Highly supportive field experts

Students learn directly from teachers who are experts in their field. Our faculty is a team of well-trained lecturers who will help students understand even the most complicated topics. They put their time and effort into creating easy-to-learn notes for the students.

  • Quality study material

Our teachers at IIB understand how competitive tests function and have an extensive understanding of biology, physics, and chemistry. Their knowledge enables them to guide students efficiently. Our centers’ notes and guides can assist students in quickly grasping the concepts.

  • Doubt-clearing sessions

NEET has a very vast syllabus. It may happen that not all students will understand everything. They must have doubts and difficulty understanding. IIB makes sure to pay attention to our students by clarifying doubts in these dedicated doubt-clearing sessions.

  • Frequent NEET mock tests

The constant exam simulation helps the students ease their minds in the pressuring exam atmosphere to quite some extent. This approach also gives students insight into the exam pattern, their solving speed, and the repeatedly asked questions.

  • Available for remote learning

Want to join IIB but live outside Pune, Nanded, or Latur? No worries! We also provide remote coaching classes.

Summing Up

Our more than 23 years of expertise are of significant use in assisting students to gain admission to prestigious medical colleges by passing competitive exams with flying colors. We have studied the format, difficulty, and different kinds of competitive exams over the years. So, to prepare the students for admission tests as effectively as possible, we take advantage of our experience, education, and instinct.

IIB has branches in Latur, Nanded, and Pune to train local students and assist them in excelling in competitive exams. Join us at IIB today!