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Lakhs of students appear for NEET in India. High ranks in this exam can help them get admissions into the college of their dreams. However, the journey is a rocky one. Some students prepare for this exam by enrolling themselves in coaching institutes that regularly provide them with vast and in-depth study materials and weekly test series. 

The main problem is that these coaching institutes charge a hefty fee that some students can’t afford. However, the best coaching for NEET in Maharashtra, the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB), is one of the most sought-after coaching institutes for NEET aspirants across India.

So, let’s see what makes IIB the best:

Specially established for medical entrance.

IIB only focuses on the coaching for NEET aspirants. They have experienced faculty who provide the best study material. IIB was established in 1999, which means they have over two decades of experience. They have assessed the pattern of all exams and have helped students prepare for all problems. 

In the NEET examination, the most vital factor is to score more than 50% in biology to get a better rank. This increases the student’s chances of gaining admission to a better college. IIB makes learning fun for students through easy techniques designed by experienced faculty members.

Easily accessible

IIB offers both classroom programs and distance learning for students who don’t have access to good coaching institutes. In Maharashtra, they have two branches of their institute, one at Latur and the other at Nanded. NEET Classes in Latur and NEET classes in Nanded have a steady flow of students who want to prepare for their exams to secure seats in India’s top medical colleges.

Pocket friendly

IIB charges a nominal fee for the whole year that is Rs. 24,000. The first deposit costs Rs. 12,000, which makes the coaching classes affordable for children belonging to underprivileged families. The team at IIB believes that nothing should hinder a hardworking student from getting the best education, even money.

They make every chance a success.

Students who couldn’t clear their exam in the first attempt generally start feeling hopeless. However, IIB offers digital learning for students who wish to reappear for the exam because they firmly believe that learning is living life, and one should never lose hope and work hard for their goals till they achieve success.

Excellent credentials

With more than 20 years of experience, IIB has helped over 15,000 students achieve their goals. These students got admission to the colleges of their choice. Their number of students securing high ranks increases every year. According to a few articles, the statistics given by MH-CET validates it. IIB firmly believes that success has no end, and they are ready to prove and push the limits of their success.

For students who are ready to work hard and strive for their dreams, IIB gives them a push and makes them give an extra 10%. 

IIB focuses on all students individually to help them succeed. Thus, IIB gives the best coaching for NEET in Maharashtra. 




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