Important Tips to secure a good rank in the NEET Exam

Important Tips to secure a good rank in the NEET Exam

Self-evident within itself, this question is the central goal of any NEET aspirant. While the algorithm to decode could be technical the points to grab your desirable rank aren’t.

Achieving a reputed score in NEET isn’t a hard shell to crack but, if you remember a few points the way through it could get easier.

Hitting realistic goals

The path to secure a desirable rank in NEET is a rollercoaster of emotions. A low score in a test, a question out of your reach, or an important but difficult chapter.

This overwhelming feeling could drag you down from your track. Therefore settling bonds within yourself is very important. 

Don’t exploit yourself by setting goals that are realistic. Understand yourself and your ability. 

Assign yourself with frequent breaks. Try the Pomodoro technique to hit your daily target without tearing yourself down.

Reviewing mock tests

The importance of mock tests can’t be defined in paragraphs especially while preparing for NEET. Mock tests help you recognize your weaker sections and push you to work harder.

After every test you give, attempt the same again and figure out mistakes committed in the first attempt and then the second one.

This is helpful to understand if you are committing mistakes in the pressure of the exam scenario. 

Also, create a copy with all the mistakes you committed in every test and have a look at the same, frequently.

This should help you to clear out concepts and catch a glimpse of mistakes you do and maybe find a pattern you must review on.

Clear doubts daily

Doubts are necessary and doubts are good. Every time you come through a doubt ringing your mind, big or small clear it instantly. 

For instance, note your doubts every time you encounter them and dedicate a weekly time slot especially dedicated to all the doubts you have come across to date.

Doubt clarification polishes your conceptual knowledge to the core which helps you solve questions of any frequency.

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Consistency is your best friend while driving through the chapters of plant physiology or mechanics and the extremeness of P-block elements.

These hardships are what makes you dream of cracking NEET more splendid.

Stay consistent with your goals and try to achieve daily targets. Stipulate the syllabus and act accordingly.

Pledge to complete your daily targets and review your doubts on a regular basis.

Never skip a mock test and to imply more enrolment in the best medical coaching specifically online.

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