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Why Should You Regularly Assess Your Exam Preparation?

Home Blog Why Should You Regularly Assess Your Exam Preparation?

The NEET portion comprises 19 chapters in Physics, 30 in chemistry and finally 38 chapters in Biology. It is crucial to have a touch on each of these chapters. However, this proves to be a nearly impossible task if it is not done correctly.

Every NEET aspirant knows that it can be challenging to remember so much information for a long time. This fact explains why a student should always assess their exam preparation. However, one cannot spend an excessive amount of time studying their notes or reading the textbook. This form of assessment is nearly useless as there is no way of determining if the information has been retained.

Importance of Testing: 

The best way to assess one’s preparation is by attending tests. The Ideal Institute of Biology: Best Medical Coaching Institute provides tests series as well as weekly and fortnightly tests. These tests include questions from every nook and cranny of the textbooks. Therefore, by attending these tests, one can deduce whether they have covered each concept mentioned in the textbook. In addition to this, the tests also find use in helping a student understand if they have a grasp over each idea.

The All India test series that usually begins in the last few months before the NEET exam is a very component of every NEET aspirant. The creation of specially curated tests by the IIB finds useful in helping a student revise every component of the portion during the last few months. In addition to this, the declaration of results occurs by releasing a merit list that includes students from all over India. This merit list will help a student realise their position in their preparation.

After the test: 

After each test, a student must analyse the test. This analysis is probably an essential aspect of a NEET journey. A student can note down the wrong answers. The student can then revise the same questions at a later period in order to retain the correct information.

This process of analysis can be made easier if a student uses the help of a teacher. Students who study at IIB can approach the staff of the institute at any time and receive the support they need. This can drastically help a student to prevent them from making the same mistake.

It is vital to remember that the marks obtained in the tests will not reflect one’s capabilities. It is merely a method to determine whether the chapter or concept has been understood. If in case one does not receive the desired result from any test, they must not lose motivation. In the end, a NEET journey will never be smooth sailing. Some ups and downs will hinder oneself. But it is crucial to always be consistent in one’s preparation despite the hardships.