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Tips to Concentrate on Studies while preparing for NEET?

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From this year, the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) will be the only entrance examination that would be conducted to get admission for all the medical colleges in India that includes admission in all AIIMS New Delhi, JIPMER and all the AIIMS like institutions. The syllabus of the NEET being vast students faces the challenge of preparing for the examination. They need guidance on how to study and revise i.e., in other words, they need a strategy to prepare for the entrance examination. But while preparing for the exam, it is, at times, challenging to concentrate on the lesson the student is learning. Below are some of the tips to concentrate on studies while preparing for NEET.

Abandon the distraction

While studying, students should ditch all the distractions around them. They should look for a quiet place in their house where the distractions are minimum. Students have to be strict about it that if they are devoting four to five hours daily in studying, then it should be done without any distraction. The constant beeping of the phone and emails or being succumbing to one more episode of a series on Netflix should not be entertained.

Take frequent breaks

It isn’t very easy for us to sit in one place for a really long time, this also affects the concentration level of the person. While sitting or doing the same thing continuously for hours is not recommended. Hence while studying students should take frequent breaks and study, this will help them to freshen up and concentrate better. There are apps that will help you in this habit, like study for 45 minutes continuously, and after the 45 minutes is over, take a five minutes break. When you complete three or four-cycle of this 45-minute study and 5 minutes break cycle than in the next 45 minutes cycle, treat yourself with a 15-20 minutes breaks. This is really helpful as it reenergizes the brain and helps in concentrating better.

Eat healthily

Whatever you eat has a direct impact on the body and all the bodily functions. One of the tips to concentrate on studies is that you should eat healthily. Students should include concentration boosting food products into their diets. Green leafy vegetables, Avocados, Blueberries, Green Tea, and fish are some of the food products which contain healthy nutrients that help in increasing the concentration. Also, have a proper intake of water every day, all the bodily functions depend on the water; hence it is advisable to drink enough of it.

Exercise regularly

Working out regularly is one of the important tips to concentrate on studies. While working out, the body releases chemicals that are essential for improving concentration and memory. It doesn’t mean you have to do heavy weight lifting, simple jog or aerobics for an hour will do the needful. In general, as well as exercise will help in the overall development of the body.

The above are the general tips which will help you to concentrate on your studies, but it is essential that students should know what to study. Coaching classes help their students in developing a plan which would help them be organized about their studies. IIB in Nanded and Latur is one of the best coaching classes which have helped more than 15000 medical students to get admission. They provide NEET study materials; they have hired the best of the faculty and take a personal interest in the success of the students.