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As you start your NEET preparations, it is necessary to know how to do it efficiently as most of the candidates fail to do it and suffer last-minute panic and confusion, which affects their NEET performance. So it is important to know and understand some tips regarding NEET preparations. As the competition for the exam increases every year, a good strategy and study plan can help you cover the vast syllabus and secure good scores in NEET.

Practical Timetable

A timetable is a must; it helps in managing very valuable time. It also provides a framework to cover everything in your syllabus without any confusion. The timetable should not be very rigid as it will be harder for you to maintain it. It should be flexible enough for you to adjust and make changes accordingly.

Be Punctual  

Making a timetable is easy but maintaining it regularly is very hard; many candidates fail to do that as a result all their hard work can go to vain. In order to crack NEET, u should try your level best to be regular and productive.

Referring to Good books 

There are many books in the market which is why it is hard for candidates to choose the right ones, you need to know what to study and what not to as it can waste your time. NCERT books are the most important in this process, you should not avoid them at all.

Many important concepts in NCERT books can be very helpful in the examination.

Working on your weaknesses

You should not avoid your doubts as they can cause serious problems in the long run. There will be certain topics in the syllabus which you may find very hard and confusing. List down your shortcomings and give regular time to work on them until all your doubts are clear.

Revision and Making Notes

It is always important to revise what you have studied; without it, you can miss many important concepts without even knowing about them, which can create many problems.

Making notes is an excellent habit, especially for the objective type questions pattern in NEET. You can highlight the important concepts from NCERT books, which can come as MCQ questions. Notes can come in handy while revising the whole syllabus; it can save a lot of time.

Practice Mock tests 

Mock tests and online test series can be very helpful as they can give you the NEET examination’s real experience. These tests have the same number of questions as in actual NEET, they also follow the same pattern, and the time required to appear is the same. Giving more of these tests can help you adapt to the real-time experience and pressure of NEET.

Health is wealth 

You should not forget to take care of your physical and mental health because a little carelessness with your health can ruin your whole preparation. You should take care of your sleep time and nutrition in order to stay in your best shape during the exam.


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