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Things to do for Exam Motivation

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With the unprecedented event of the spread of COVID-19, all the examinations are either cancelled or postponed until further notice. The same goes for the medical aspirants who were going to give their medical entrance examination, which was scheduled to be on May 03rd 2020. The National Testing Agency (NTA) took a decision to postpone the examination until the last week of May 2020, and the final date has not been declared yet. Many students, after hearing this news lose their motivation to study, as they had mentally prepared themselves that they have to study till the last week of April. Now with the postponement of examination, they have to study an extra one month, to look at the positive side students are getting one extra month for preparation. That means more the practice, the more chances of getting a good score. Still, many students need that exam motivation to keep on going with their preparation. Some of the thing’s students can apply for keeping themselves motivated are discussed below.

Continue with the study schedule which students have planned

Students should keep following the study schedule that they had planned as a part of their preparation. All students have to do is to replicate what they had done the previous month to another month. Alternatively, they can dedicate this month for the topics they need more clarity or practice. Do not change the timing of the study as it has become their habit to study at a specific time; it is advisable to stick to it.

Students should reward themselves after completing a task

The reward here is small things like reading a book for 15 minutes after completing a particular topic thoroughly. Alternatively, it can be taking a walk or hanging out with a friend for some time, eating something which the student like to eat. However, it does not mean that every 15 minutes student studied and they will reward something which will take up a significant chunk of time. Students should reward in such a way that they are motivated to do the next task, which will result in another reward. For example, the student will reward ten minutes of break of taking a walk outside if they completed the topic Laws of Motion and then they can take another ten minutes after completing another topic and so on.

Exercise to keep the mind focused

Exercise does wonder to the mind. It has been validated that people who exercise regularly are more focused in whatever they do and keep the exam motivation alive. Hence, the student should incorporate working out in their daily study schedule. They can decide the timing of the work out whether it suits them in the morning or the evening, the important thing is they work out. When one works out the body releases a chemical called endorphins which are known to help reduce stress, and it set in motion the positive feeling.

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