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NEET is an all-India qualification and entrance exam for graduation in medical studies. This exam proves to be career-building, so the preparations should not be taken lightly, as tricky as they may sound. Based in Nanded and Latur, IIB has successfully trained more than 15000 aspirants. Our focus is solely on training medical candidates making us a pioneer and unique in the segment.

With most of the in-class aspirants being locals, we wanted to aim to train candidates across India. This was when we decided to come up with our online curriculums. Our experts curated our online lectures and are gradually proving to be a solution for thousands of aspirants every year. Suppose you are a medical aspirant seeking guidance for your medical career. In that case, you can choose to be physically present at our lectures or even decide to study remotely through our app and website.

NEET Chemistry

NEET chemistry is segregated into three segments; Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. Chemistry is considered the most scoring subject when it comes to NEET. Proper preparation in Chemistry generally helps students get a good score in the exam. Chemistry occupies the space of 45 questions of 180 marks out of 180 questions of 720 marks.

This is why chemistry is considered one of the most important subjects while preparing for NEET. For a successful NEET chemistry preparation, you need to be well planned with your time management and strengths among the three chemistry sections.

A NEET chemistry exam is segregated into two sections. Section A consists of 35 questions of 140 marks and 15 questions of 40 marks, out of which 45 are applicable for attempting.

Why Choose IIB for Online Chemistry Classes for NEET Preparation?

Every NEET aspirant has a dream of cracking the exam, but not everyone is able to do so. Expert guidance is something most candidates lack. IIB is known for its medical coaching in Maharashtra, but at the same time, we are thriving to give our expert guidance to aspirants across India. Thus we decided to start with online classes for NEET.

Our classes have been a boon for thousands considering their career in Medical Sciences. Focusing on all the core subjects required for the exams, we specialize in curating curriculums for Chemistry, coaching students to thrive in the most crucial subject in the NEET exam, making us one of the best Chemistry classes in Maharashtra.

Due to our mission to help produce the best medical professionals for India, we have initiated our online chemistry classes for NEET preparation. At IIB, we are known for our simple and effective learning techniques that allow candidates to learn more in less time.

Our techniques successfully create the careers of thousands of aspirants every year. Our experts prepare your study materials, and we also have our own online mock tests. The online mock tests are helping the candidates by testing their preparation and giving them a reality check to improve. The results constitute lifelong learning for the aspirants, which results in them being successful in their professional careers.

If you are a medical aspirant seeking the best guidance in NEET Chemistry from Maharashtra or anywhere, IIB is the solution.