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NEET 2021 Preparation Strategy for Repeaters

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” 

NEET, being one of the toughest exams in India, demands a lot of dedication, focus and hard work. However, the uttermost challenge for those in their repeating year is to remain focused. The fear of failing along with the comparison with other friends who have already started their college life, shatters their motivation. No doubt such thoughts will come to any repeater’s mind, but one must stay positive and continue studying to achieve their goal.  Remember, the battle is half won if you stay positive during the NEET preparation phase.

So, here is a list of few things a Repeater Aspirant should keep in mind:

  1. Forget about your previous year result as it keeps you over confident or demean your morale. And in both the cases you will underperform. 
  • Set a new time table. Dedicate 6-8 hours for self-study. You must also take into consideration the list that you had prepared in the first step while preparing the new time-table. If you weren’t able to capitalise your previous time-table, write it in bold letters on top of your new time-table. This will help you adhere to it this time.
  • Cover uncovered topics, start with those which were left in the previous attempt. Clear the doubts that were carried forward. Focus on the subjects or topics that are weak and need improvement.
  • Practice regularly, solve test papers and previous year papers. This will speed up your solving time and also make you familiar with the pattern of questions. 
  • Stay positive towards the exam and be healthy as we know health is wealth. The preparation requires determination & discipline and for that a healthy body is necessary.  
  • You are expected to know most of the concepts but if it is an easy one most students hesitate to put forth their doubts and do not ask their questions. This will add up more confusion. Ask all your doubts during or after the class hours and get them all clarified before the examination
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Your repeat year is very crucial and the sooner you realize it, the better score you are going to get. With the above mentioned programs by IIB you can definitely stand a chance to crack NEET. We at IIB are determined to punch in students solving in a minute skills and clarity in concepts. With proper guidance, determination and positive attitude cracking NEET will be simpler than ever.