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Best NEET, JEE & MHT CET Coaching Centre in Latur| Admission Open 2024 for Class11 & 12

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Competitive examinations such as NEET, JEE, and MHT CET are significant in the careers of aspiring engineers and doctors. Scoring high in these exams is paramount as it can shape students’ career graphs. Rigorous preparation and smart guidance are the key factors that contribute to success in these examinations.

IIB Career Institute Latur is one of the best coaching centres in Maharashtra offering classes for NEET, JEE, and MHT CET. The Institute has a legacy of 25 years of excellence in coaching and has a proven track record of success in the competition. In this article, let’s learn how IIB can be the perfect choice for your competitive preparation.

Why Choose IIB Coaching Centre in Latur?

Some of the factors that make the IIB Career Institute one of the top NEET, JEE and MHT CET classes in Maharashtra are:

  1. Qualified and experienced faculty: We have a team of well-qualified and experienced teachers who are well-versed with the latest NEET, JEE, and MHT CET syllabi. All teachers are subject experts and can help you to form a strong foundation for the competitive examinations.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: IIB provides study material for its students crafted by experts and aligned with the updated curriculum for NEET, JEE, and MHT CET examinations. 
  3. Personalized Guidance: We provide customized coaching for students who want extra guidance for the preparation. The faculty helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses and focuses on their improvement during the course.
  4. Interactive Learning Methodologies: Our classrooms are equipped with digital learning devices to make learning interactive and interesting for the students. 
  5. Regular Mock Test and Practice Sessions: Once the topic is completed mock tests and revision sessions are conducted to analyze the performance and check the status of student’s preparation with weekly and monthly reports.
  6. Doubt Clearing Sessions: All doubts are cleared within the institute under the guidance of experts in the doubt-clearing sessions. This helps to make a strong foundation of fundamentals and concepts essential for acing in the exam.
  7. Regular Parent-Teacher Interaction:  Regular feedback is sent to parents and teachers work together with them to motivate and enhance the preparation of the students.
  8. Healthy Learning Environment: IIB has a conducive learning environment that motivates and develops a positive mindset of the students and pushes them towards their goals. 

Courses Offered at IIB Career Institute Latur

Two-Year Program for Class 11 Students

The two-year course is designed for students moving to class 11th and aiming to become doctors or engineers after completing class 12th. Regular classes are provided to cover the vast syllabus of NEET, JEE, and MHT CET. The key features of the course are as follows:

  1. 5-6 classes for 2-3 hours are conducted per week.
  2. Study material is provided for the respective competitive exam.
  3. Tests on the completion of each topic.
  4. Special doubt-clearing sessions.
  5. Quizzes, practice tests, or puzzles are incorporated for enhanced learning.
  6. One month break for school and board examinations.
  7. Separate batches for each competitive examination.

One-Year Program for Class 12 Students

A year-long course for NEET, JEE and MHT CET preparation is for class 12 students. The course clears all the fundamentals of class 11 and class 12 for competitive preparation. The key features of the course are as follows:

  1. 5-6 classes for 3-4 hours are conducted per week.
  2. Comprehensive study material for respective competitive examinations.
  3. Periodic assessment to check the preparation status.
  4. Weekly doubt-clearing sessions.
  5. A month’s break for the board examination.
  6. Prepares for board examination and competitive exam together.

One-Year Program for Repeaters

IIB also offers a year-long coaching program for students who want to reappear for NEET, JEE and MHT CET after class 12. The course is tailored for such students and focuses on the mistake rectification the candidate made during their previous attempt. 

IIB Career Institute Latur Centre

Students can IIB Career Institute in Latur at:

IIB Main Campus, Udyog Bhavan, Signal Camp, Latur, Maharashtra

Pin – 413512.

Phone: +91- +91- 7304567567


What Makes IIB Career Institute the Smartest Choice?

  • Knowledgeable Study Material
  • Digital Equipped Classrooms
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Weekly Assessments
  • Test series and Crash Courses
  • IIB Scholarship
  • Proven Success Record
  • Doubt Resolution Sessions
  • Extensive Library 
  • Digital Integration with App-based Learning


IIB Career Institute is one of the leading coaching institutes in Maharashtra with its centres at Akola, Nanded, Latur, Chatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Kolhapur, and Pune (PCMC, Camp, & FC Road). The institute has 25 years of experience preparing students for different competitive exams: NEET, JEE and MHT CET. Top-notch faculty, study material, test series, and doubt resolutions on time distinguish the institute from other coaching classes in the area. Join the league of elite coaching and shape your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which class is best for NEET preparation in Latur?

Answer: IIB Career Institute is one of the best NEET preparation centres in Latur. The institute provides classes for 11, 12, and repeater students to excel in the exam and accomplish their dreams.

Which coaching is best for the MHT-CET exam?

Answer: MHT-CET is a state-level examination but it has a high difficulty level. The exam requires consistent preparation and hard work for success. IIB offers MHT CET classes for 11, 12 and repeater in its 8 centres at Akola, Nanded, Chatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Latur, Kolhapur, and Pune (FC Road, Camp, & PCMC)

Is NEET 2024 tough?

Answer: The difficulty level of the NEET exam varies every year. As per the experts, the NEET exam paper’s difficulty lies between moderate to very difficult levels as it is considered one of the highly competitive exams.

Is Latur good for NEET?

Answer: Yes, Latur is an educational city where you can find some reputed coaching classes including IIB which has a proven track record of success in NEET and has captured 63 seats out of 100 in the 2023 NEET result in AIIMS institute.

Why should you join NEET & JEE Coaching in Latur?

Answer: NEET & JEE coaching in Latur guides aspiring doctors and engineers for the exam and helps them to achieve their goals under the guidance of expert teachers who are well-versed with the latest competitive exam syllabus and pattern.

How many IIB Centers are there in Latur for NEET & JEE Coaching?

Answer: There is only one IIB Centre in Latur located at IIB Main Campus, Udyog Bhavan, Signal Camp, Latur, Maharashtra Pin – 413512. Phone: +91- +91- 7304567567 or Email:

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