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All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) are among the top autonomous medical colleges in India. Medical aspirants are drawn to these institutes since they are colleges of national repute, run by the government. There are many well-established AIIMS institutes like AIIMS New Delhi, AIIMS Bhopal, and AIIMS Patna. Over the years, more funding has been allotted to AIIMS, and new institutes are being opened all over India. Currently, there are fifteen established AIIMS colleges, and eight more are expected by 2025 (including one in Madurai). However, the AIIMS entrance exams have been cancelled for the year 2020. For students looking to earn their admission to AIIMS next year, you shouldenroll your name at AIIMS online coaching institutes.


The injustice of having NEET alongside AIIMS caused rage all over India since the portions for NEET and AIIMS are very different. AIIMS and NEET also follow completely different marking schemes; AIIMS awards one mark for every right answer and deducts one-third for every wrong answer. NEET awards four marks for every correct answer and reduces one mark for every wrong answer.

More importantly, AIIMS has an entirely different exam pattern, which requires the student to take a different approach to the exam. AIIMS consists of 180 questions, with 60 questions each from physics, chemistry, and biology. NEET is more focused on biology and has 180 questions; 45 questions on botany, 45 questions on zoology, 45 questions on physics, and 45 questions on chemistry. Any coaching tutor will tell you that the first step to cracking a paper is understanding the paper-pattern. But when faced with two different paper-patterns, learning becomes difficult. IIB, the best coaching institute for AIIMS, can train you for it. One of the main benefits, if you enroll your name at AIIMS online coaching at IIB, is the teachers. They will help the AIIMS students understand the pattern and give them insights on the different questions that they know are likely to appear in the exam.

Teaching at IIB

Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) is the bestAIIMS online coaching. They have grown remarkably as an institute over the last 20 years. Their experts will assist you in choosing the best AIIMS Courses for a secure future. IIB is well-known for its modern take on education. They provide a result-oriented education and a conducive environment for students to grow. Their experienced faculty are among the top educators in all of India. The professional teachers are well-versed with the exam pattern, and they impart valuable information on the likely questions.

IIB, the best AIIMS coaching institute.

IIB has shifted from an offline coaching institute to an online institute, following lockdown, and has secured its brand as the best AIIMS online coaching institute. They are continually revising their education methods so that their students have the edge over applicants from other coaching institutes. At IIB, you also get numerous test series to solve. They are essential as they will help you gauge the topics that need improvement. Solving the series within the allotted time will help your time management and reduce your stress levels for the actual exam.




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