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Importance of medical mock test to Crack NEET and AIIMS exam

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The road to becoming a doctor is difficult. There are sacrifices which one has to make not only while pursuing the degree but also after one becomes a doctor. While preparing for the entrance examination also takes a great deal of time. Before giving the main entrance examination, it is imperative that students should be thoroughly prepared and give multiple medical mock test as a part of their preparation. With the new circular in place wherein students have to provide only the NEET entrance examination to get admission in all the medical colleges in India, including AIIMS and JIPMER. Due to this, the student can totally focus on cracking only one major medical examination to get admission in a medical college.

Preparing for a medical entrance examination is usually done at least a year before the actual examination. A student should be ready with their study plan and follow the same without fail. One of the most essential things students have to do is to give as much mock test as possible. There are many advantages to the students if they give the mock test regularly; some of them are stated below.

Mock test will give you a perspective of your preparation

Giving the medical mock test will help the students know how prepared they are for the entrance examination. The results of the mock test will give students an idea about how much more preparation is necessary. Students will be aware of the topics they have to give more time studying and where there are required to revise the topic. By being informed about the preparations, students can modify their study plan and work accordingly to study the topics that need more attention.

Mock test helps in students Time Management

Students have to attempt 180 questions from Biology, including botany and zoology, physics, chemistry within 3 hours of time. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks, and for every negative answer, 1 mark would be deducted. It requires proper time management to finish the paper on time, and that too, with ample time for double-checking the answers. If students don’t give the mock test, they won’t be able to judge how much time they have to devote in each section to complete the paper and revise the answer. Many students complain about not finishing their paper after the actual examination; those are the students who didn’t give much thought about giving a mock test.

The mock test gives students the confidence to face the real entrance examination

Mock Test papers are based on the exact paper pattern of NEET; hence the more mock test students give, the more they are confident about giving the actual examination. These medical mock test gives a comfort level to the students about the paper pattern, they learn to manage their time well, and they are prepared well for the examination as well. Therefore, the mock test gives confidence to the students while appearing for the actual entrance examination as they have prepared really well for it.

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