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How to Study Physics for NEET? Top 5 Tips

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Physics is one of the most tricky and important subjects if you want to clear the NEET exam. Preparing with dedication and concentration is very important to succeed in the all-India medical entrance test- NEET. Wondering how to study physics for NEET?  Here are the top five tips that you can follow to excel in the subjects. Make sure you incorporate these tips and follow them religiously.

Top 5 Tips on How to Study Physics for NEET

The NEET Physics syllabus has an almost equal weightage of questions from classes 11 and 12. Hence, a thorough knowledge of the entire syllabus is vital at the time of preparing for physics. There will be 45 questions out of 50 in the physics section of the next exam.

1.     Carefully examine the syllabus

Analyzing the physics subject closely is the most important strategy. You can improve your chances of success by organizing your syllabus systematically and logically. The NEET syllabus consists of 29 chapters, which are mostly related to class 11 and class 12 studies. Go through the chapters and get an in-depth idea of how to prepare them.

2.     Plan a schedule for studying physics

One of the most common questions that students ask is how to study physics for NEET? Well, You should set a schedule for studying the particular subject. Organize your weekly schedule based on the chapters you want to cover. Add sectional tests and solving questions to the schedule. This will ensure that the entire syllabus is covered, and you will not be left without anything before the exam. A strategic, efficient schedule is vital.

You will be able to cover the topic thoroughly and practice questions while following a timetable that will improve your confidence and readiness for preparing for the physics section of the NEET and give you an edge over your competitors.

3.     Emphasize the most important topics for NEET physics

NEET physics preparation must emphasize topics that make up a greater percentage of the overall marks. Examine the past years’ papers to determine which chapters carry the most weightage and the most important topics. Some of the most important topics for NEET physics are the following:

Mechanics, electrodynamics, modern physics, heat, thermodynamics, optics, and simple harmonic motion and waves

4.     Clarify concepts and attempting mocks

Before practicing questions for NEET physics, candidates must clear their understanding of the concepts involved. You will be able to answer the questions effortlessly if you understand the theoretical part.

Make an effort to practice as many mocks as you can after you are prepared with your syllabus. Mocks will give you a feel of the real exam, and you will be able to examine your performance and clear the doubts beforehand.

5.     Select the right preparation materials

The best preparation material for NEET physics should be NCERT. Ensure that the books or materials you choose cover all syllabus, questions, and numerical content. Also, make sure you follow your coaching materials.

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