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How to Start Preparing for NEET from class 12?

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NEET is a national-level exam conducted by the National Testing Agency once every year for admission to the medical courses in India. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a tough nut to crack and excel with flying colors. Getting admission into a medical course in a good medical college is not simple, and you need a top coaching institute for NEET. Often students wonder how to start preparing for NEET from class 12, which will be answered right here.

Do you know how to start preparing for NEET from class 12?

Candidates wishing to appear for this medical entrance test must first concentrate on NEET preparation. Nevertheless, the focus should change to 12th boards two weeks before the examinations begin.

NCERT books establish the foundation for NEET preparation

NCERT books are the first ones that candidates must choose for NEET preparation. These books are the essence of NEET preparation and specialists and teachers have accentuated their importance many times. The same books will assist you with your board preparation. Concurring your boards and NEET study material will save both effort and time.

Create a realistic timetable

Following a timetable enables you to stay concentrated on your objective during your preparation for NEET. Since you will have to finish the syllabus of the two years, having a well-structured timetable and studying from the best medical coaching in India will assist you in organizing your NEET preparation. Make sure to adhere to your timetable rigorously and be open to modifying it with time. Given below are some of the best ways to prepare for the NEET examination:

  • Buy a calendar and a notepad
  • Set your prerogatives
  • Plan long study hours
  • Take care of your health
  • Don’t sleep
  • Get sufficient sleep

Research materials

The significance of choosing adequate study material for NEET preparation is something you cannot overstate. Ensure to look over the study materials accessible if you are wondering how to start preparing for NEET from class 12 before deciding on a coaching class. It will help you with the type of content they give.

Revise regularly

Ensure to revise regularly even if you have triumphed over a particular topic, chapter, concept or subject. Revision is very important for your NEET exam. You can prepare for NEET at IIB that helps you study properly.

  • Ensure to emphasize vital and weak areas while revising
  • Revise the concepts and their derivations
  • Read the fundamental reactions, equations, and mechanisms

Practice mock tests

All the competitors who give the NEET examination need to complete 180 questions in three hours. This implies that the candidates can give a maximum of sixty seconds per question. Time management is the major factor needed for the exam. Keep it in mind and solve sample question papers regularly to get habituated to time management.

Making notes and revision making-notes

The key to success for any exam is revision. Making notes in a diary or stick-on and underlining crucial points is an integral part of the preparation phase. While reading any passage, try to find vital points that can be modified to multiple-choice questions.

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