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How to score 300+ in NEET Biology

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In the field of medicine, biology obviously has an important role, which is why it is a crucial area in which medical aspirants are examined during the NEET. The general myth that revolves around is biology is quite easy and hence NEET aspirants should give more time solving Physics and chemistry. Hence they only manage to score between 200-250 marks in biology and miss out on a medical seat elsewhere. So if you are wondering how to score 300+ in NEET Biology, here are some super hacks for the same. 

Know the important chapters 

The key answer to the question, how to score 300+ in NEET Biology lies here. You need to make a note of the important NEET chapters. Make sure to devote a lot of time to those subjects in order to be thorough with them. The primary step in understanding which subjects to prioritize for study would be to pick the subjects in accordance with their weighting. 

Refer to Books on the NCERT 

The books of NCERT offer an in-depth explanation. Most of the questions in previous years were supported by the NCERT book or closely linked. Read chapters of the book multiple times. Also, do not forget to review and practice each and every diagram labelled by NCERT. Consequently, NCERT Exemplar is a helpful book to support your research. As you study, make your own brief notes/ flashcards/ flowcharts. This can make it easier for you to review the previous few days, which is crucial.

Take NEET Mock Reviews 

You need to try NEET Mock Tests after thoroughly brushing the course of the complete Biology syllabus, which you can only take up during your preparations at different stages because it will promote your preparation level assessment and improve your score. Some of the best NEET institutes will offer you mock tests because in the final weeks left for NEET 2021, this is what you need to do more and more. 

Solve Papers from the previous year 

In NEET 2021 Exam Preparation, one of the most important aspects to be addressed is to resolve previous year’s to specialize in the questions, subjects, and chapters commonly asked. This is often one of the only and most effective ways for an exam to be organized. Start practicing solving a minimum of 5 papers from previous years, and study topic wise and chapter wise in these papers. 

Thoroughly Revise 

When the competition is difficult, studying isn’t enough. Keep revising and keep practising to enhance your knowledge of concepts. To learn better; recall formulas, make equivalent flashcards, create a weekly study schedule to complete all the concepts well in time and study daily


Biology is a vital component of the assessment during NEET of medical aspirants. Read NCERT line by line to reach 300+ in NEET Biology and concentrate on spaced learning instead of rote learning. Pay attention to the high chapters of scoring that carry the most weight by emphasizing conceptual clarity. With short notes and flash cards refer to IIB’s best NEET study material, which is easier to summarize better and score more. Nothing is impossible and students can accomplish their target and score the marks they want.