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How to Prepare for Biology section of NEET

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As the days of the NEET 2020 exams are a couple of months away, medical students are on their toes preparing for the sought-out examination. This examination will determine the course of their career and help them focus on making it a success. But, to do that, the aspirants have to crack the NEET examination first, then they have to focus on the rest. NEET examination comprises of three sections of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. In each section, the students have to study the contents of XI and XII standard. Biology papers consist of 90 questions carrying 360 marks, so if you study Biology thoroughly, then the chances of getting good marks are high. This is because Biology carries the most marks of all the subjects in the NEET syllabus. Below are some of the Tips for Biology preparation for NEET

1. Make your concept clear

The key to scoring good marks in any examination is to get your concept crystal clear. It is THE essential thing to do when Biology preparation for NEET you are preparing for an exam. Once the concept is clear, any question from the chapter of the subject will be easy to answer. To be clear about the concept, one thing the students can do is to read the chapter or topic a day before it is taught in your college or coaching class. This will be helpful to the students as they will be aware of what has been taught, and if they have any doubt, they can clear it with the faculty.

2. Make your notes

Students, while studying for Biology, should try and make your notes based on your understanding of the chapter. This is helpful in, as the students are writing their understanding in their own words. But before referring this as your notes, you should request the teaching faculty to go through the notes you made and get their approval of the same. Asking your faculty’s opinion would help you in many ways first; they will correct you if you have written something wrong in your notes. Second, they will help you in adding the concepts you have missed out, and third, this will boost your confidence as well as you have made the notes on our own thus, understanding the concept.

3. Prepare as per the weightage of each chapter

Biology carries the highest marks i.e., 360 marks, which, if you are thorough with the subject, you can get good marks. The level of difficulty of the Biology paper has been increasing every year. Hence, it has become imperative to study well for the biology preparation for NEET. The student should analyse the past papers, and they will know the weight each chapter carries in the NEET question paper. Knowing the weightage each chapter carries will help the students to give more time to study those chapters first, which carries more marks. Doing this will ensure that they are thorough in it.

4. Practicing the question papers

Students should not leave a single opportunity to practice the question paper. There is no substitute for practice. The more the student’s practice, the more they are aware of the level of preparation they have of the subject. Practicing mock question papers will always help them to get a reality check.

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