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How to avoid negative marking in JIPMER?

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Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) is considered to be one of the easiest competitive exams for admission in the courses of Medical fields such as MBBS. The competitive exam is scheduled yearly. Thousands of medical aspirants appear for this exam in hopes of becoming a doctor or surgeon one day. Enhance your chances of selection by learning to avoid negative marking in JIPMER. 

Various coaching institutions across Maharashtra are dedicated to the preparation of JIPMER and other medical exams. Students who are in high school enroll in various courses available in these coaching institutions and prepare rigorously for their target exam.

JIPMER follows the exam pattern in which every question holds 4 marks, and for every wrong answer, 1 mark is deducted. Now, if not kept in mind, negative marking in JIPMER can result in a drastic decrease in your score. Every aspirant has to take note of the following points to avoid negative marking in JIPMER:

Use the review option:

If unsure for an answer while solving the question paper in JIPMER, mark it as a review instead of guessing it. In the end, when you have answered all the questions, you can return to these questions and try to answer them. This is the best way to avoid negative marking in JIPMER. 

Read all questions carefully:

When in a hurry, or even when the aspirants spot a keyword in a question, they may skip reading the questions completely and carefully. This results in wrong answers, which can affect the overall score.

Calculate your assured marks:

If the total marks of the questions you are confident about are higher or equal to the expected cut off, you can leave the questions you have doubts about.

Take a deep breath:

Yes, competitive exams are stressful, and the ticking of the time can tense anyone. In such times, do not worry or lose hope. Take a deep breath. Read the question carefully and go through the exam carefully and deliberately.

Don’t act rash at the end moment:

Aspirants sometimes try to answer every question in the last 15 minutes. Such a technique is completely wrong. Keep your wits about yourself till the end.

Do not try to answer every question:

The aim is not to answer every question, but to answer most questions. Answer the questions that you are completely sure about. Answering every question, expecting that it will increase your score, is a technique that always backtracks.

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