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How Many Hours Should I Study for NEET?

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NEET is one of the most-awaited and popular exams for medical aspirants that is held every year. Various candidates appear for this examination each year, and this is why it is important to plan your study schedule accordingly to stand ahead of your competition. 

With so much pressure rising in the minds of students of this exam, the most common question that NEET applicants frequently ask is – ‘How many hours should I study for NEET?’

Why is consistent study important for NEET?

Consistency is necessary to accomplish all small and big things in life, and the same applies when you are preparing for exams like NEET. If you are an earnest NEET aspirant, you need to be consistent and regular with your exam preparations. Mentioned below are certain tips that you follow to be consistent in your NEET preparations. 

  • Concentrate more on the existing scenario

Competitive exam like NEET is difficult and can create stressful situations for every aspirant. Attempt to concentrate on your everyday objectives rather than constantly thinking of the ultimate exam. Perform little assignments each day to get nearer to your goals, gradually.  

  • Avoid putting things off

Always withdraw from procrastinating your everyday tasks by delaying them to the following day. For example, if you cannot complete a topic within the allocated time, at least strive to finish your daily assignments by EOD without fail. Make this a custom to attain more solid and quick progress.

  • Preparation is the key to perfection

Analytical problems in Chemistry and Physics ought to be exercised each day to get more skilled at them. Attempt working on past year exam papers and register for mock tests conducted by various leading coaching institutes to get a firm grasp of the topics.

How to plan for NEET exams?

The syllabus of NEET is a vast ocean, and to swim in this ocean, it is essential to comprehend where the coast of this vast sea is precisely located. Once you are informed of the NEET exam syllabus, the following action is to apportion your study time based on the importance of a topic.

Hence, you must plan your schedule as per the complexity level to get sufficient time for challenging topics. In addition to this, proper planning and preparation allow you to allocate intervals for every subject equally, and you get time for some revision, as well. 

Listed hereunder are some planning tips for your NEET preparation.

  • Fix a target

If you are preparing for NEET and your board examinations, you will not hold much time for preparation. Hence, it becomes important that you begin fixing a target for yourself and divide equal time for NEET and board preparations. 

  • Revise the crucial topics completely

 At least 11 hours of minimum study is important for NEET candidates. Hence, a student should plan a study schedule to get time for revising every topic. 

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