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Best Way to Study Biology for NEET

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Those who wish to get admission into medical colleges keep their sights set on cracking NEET exams. The exam has questions that cover Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concepts from NCERT textbooks. Comprising 90 questions with total marks of 360 that include topics from both classes 11th and 12th, the Biology part of NEET dominates the exam and could be tough to prepare. This blog covers the best way to study Biology for NEET

Biology Preparation Tips for NEET

As mentioned before, biology comprises a major part of the NEET exam. As such, you need to be thorough with every concept to answer all the questions, which requires adequate preparation properly. Here are four tips for preparing for NEET biology section: 

  • Divide and Conquer

The best way to study biology for NEET is to divide the entire syllabus into sections based on the weightage of marks. Furthermore, you would need to break these parts into smaller sections to cover them completely. Since the exam questions do not deviate much from the NCERT textbook, students will need to cover all the 38 chapters (combining 11th and 12th) in the book. Prioritizing the important concepts and focusing on them will be an effective approach for NEET preparation. Go through previous papers and exam guides to identify these topics before setting a schedule. 

  • Create a Study Plan

One of the most vital preparation tips for NEET is to have an effective study plan. Once you have identified the important topics, along with the concepts you are weak in, you need to schedule your study routine to invest more time in them. However, when creating a study plan, do not just focus on studying, practices, and revisions. Instead, make sure you include leisure time into your schedule not to get stressed. Moreover, do dedicate some time to revise your stronger points from the basic biology concepts.

  • Write Effective Notes

Yet another best way to study biology for NEET is by writing down conceptual notes. When learning tougher topics, using easy note-writing techniques that let you recollect and revise easily is a bonus. The same is applicable for any topic you study. Make use of charts, illustrations, and other creative methods when writing your notes. Additionally, use keywords to remember key points and concepts. Doing so will make the best out of your study time. Moreover, when doing last-minute revisions, you can save a lot of time with easy-to-understand and easy-to-recall notes. Therefore, writing effective notes will improve your recollection power. 

  • Practice and Revise  

Whether you attend classes at the best medical coaching in India or prepare by yourself, revising concepts and practicing them is key to cracking the NEET exam. Daily revision of previously covered concepts can help you get a solid grip on the topics, which increases your answering speed during the exam. Similarly, solving practice questions, especially in MCQ format, can help you answer the question. There are instances when candidates can answer questions because they have come across them in practice papers. As such, you need to solve as many mock tests, samples, and previous years’ questions. 

How can the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) help?

NEET preparation can be harrowing for students, especially when they have to manage their school activities alongside it. That is why the Ideal Institute of Biology provides both distance and in-classroom courses, which allows you to choose whatever option is comfortable. Both modules have IIB’s unique course pattern that follows a unique pedagogy, making it easier for students to understand a concept. Moreover, their NEET crash course offers a teacher-helpline along with an app with recorded lessons and exams, making NEET preparation accessible for everyone. 




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